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Kaylee + Dakota Weatherly | Roland, AR Wedding


Kaylee and Dokota’s wedding looked like something out of a southern wedding magazine! She looked like a princess and this was such a special week for her family! This doubled as the week that her niece was born, sweet Charlee made her arrival at the perfect time to take part in the wedding festivities! We got to do sweet Charlee’s newborn photos shortly after this day, getting the opportunity to work with this amazing family once again!

We couldn’t be more happy to have amazing clients live the Harrison & Weatherly families! I love how happy these two were to see one another during their first look — and Jaison captured it perfectly! Check out all of her gorgeous wedding attendants, the bridesmaids dresses are some of my favorites of all time & that color scheme was amazing with the florals! Another favorite thing of ours from this wedding was the CAKE! The cake is a gorgeous strawberry naked cake and it photographed so well! Check out Dakota + Kaylee’s sweet summer wedding on the blog today! We love you two!




Venue: BoBrook Farms

Coordinator: Jennifer Wallace

Videographer: John McLelland

Florals: Fairytale Florals

Cakes: Mickey’s Cakes and Sweets

DJ: Central Arkansas Entertainment

Dress: Low’s Bridal & Formal

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Minister: Ken Shaddox

Hair/Makeup: Alexis Horner



The Watson Family | Fall Portraits

I have known Brooke since I started working at the salon in 2008. She actually hired me back in the day (haha)! I was so excited when she told me she wanted to have photos taken. I knew how cute her family was and knew they would make for the cutest pictures! Her kiddos Maddie and Cade are so sweet and went along with all of the ideas we had, (even if one of them included tying Maddie up with Christmas lights.) Josh & Brooke, you sure do have a beautiful family. Jaison & I had a fun time laughing with you guys!

<3 Callie

D6X_8031 D6X_8034 D6X_8038 SIW_8339 D6X_8047 SIW_8342 SIW_8352 SIW_8358 SIW_8359 D6X_8049 D6X_8056 D6X_8061 D6X_8068 D6X_8073 D6X_8075 D6X_8079 D6X_8091 D6X_8092 D6X_8103 D6X_8108 SIW_8387 D6X_8118 SIW_8421 SIW_8428 D6X_8129 D6X_8139 D6X_8144 D6X_8149 D6X_8160 D6X_8164 SIW_8448 SIW_8450 D6X_8176 D6X_8186 SIW_8460 SIW_8461 SIW_8470 D6X_8193 SIW_8479 D6X_8199 D6X_8218 SIW_8486 D6X_8228 D6X_8247 SIW_8509 SIW_8515 SIW_8519 SIW_8524 SIW_8528 D6X_8267 D6X_8274 D6X_8276 SIW_8550 SIW_8558 D6X_8285 SIW_8561 SIW_8565 SIW_8569 SIW_8572 SIW_8573 SIW_8584 SIW_8594

It’s Football Season!

We are in the midst of football season! This year I have the privilege of shooting all the North Little Rock Charging Wildcat football games for the North Little Rock Times! Last football season was my first time to actually shoot sports. Callie and I are mainly portrait photographers and it is nice to get to branch out and try some other areas of photography!  Callie thinks I am a little obsessed with football but, what husband is not?

On a technical note, shooting football games has taught me that stadium lighting is absolutely horrendous and our cameras are awesome at shooting at high ISOs! When shooting football games I am constantly shooting at 5000-6400 ISO! It’s crazy to think shooting at that high of an ISO we can still get a usable image.

All photos are available on our Gallery for print ordering!

Here are some photos from the first four games that I have shot!




SIW_9803 SIW_9765 SIW_9787 SIW_9752 SIW_9761 SIW_9693 SIW_9708 SIW_9649 SIW_9669 SIW_9562 SIW_9600 SIW_9494 SIW_9524 SIW_9448 SIW_9464 SIW_9488 SIW_9414 SIW_9445 SIW_9399 SIW_9405 SIW_9331 SIW_9356 SIW_9298 SIW_9320 SIW_9289 SIW_9283 SIW_9274 SIW_9266 SIW_9221 SIW_9262 SIW_8925 SIW_8938 SIW_8824 SIW_8844 SIW_8804 SIW_8738 SIW_8697 SIW_8667 SIW_8626 SIW_8598 SIW_8506 D6X_1069 D6X_0950 D6X_1000 D6X_0941 D6X_0833 D6X_0785 SIW_7954 SIW_7922 SIW_7916 SIW_7889 SIW_7837 SIW_7784 SIW_7693 SIW_7663 SIW_7533 SIW_7530 SIW_7512 SIW_7473 SIW_7494 SIW_7469 SIW_7434 SIW_7429 SIW_7380 SIW_7394 SIW_7357 SIW_7342 SIW_7348 SIW_7340 SIW_7331 SIW_7285 SIW_7265 SIW_7257 SIW_7253 SIW_3578 SIW_3532 SIW_3567 SIW_3516 SIW_3508 SIW_3505 SIW_3492 SIW_3483 SIW_3435 SIW_3447 SIW_3419 SIW_3403 SIW_3398 SIW_3372 SIW_3287 SIW_3352 SIW_3262 SIW_3254 SIW_3246 SIW_3175 SIW_3067 SIW_3106 SIW_3004 SIW_2920 SIW_0686 SIW_0661 SIW_0643 SIW_0637 SIW_0633 SIW_0559 SIW_0551 SIW_0544 SIW_0535 SIW_0510 SIW_0467 SIW_0495 SIW_0464 SIW_0459 SIW_0407 SIW_0392 SIW_0381 SIW_0367 D6X_1962 D6X_1948 D6X_1931

501 LIFE Photos

Finally, I get to post some of the photos I have taken for 501 LIFE Magazine over the past couple months!

This past month I have been kept pretty busy taking photos for not only Sterling Imageworks but for 501 Life in Conway.

This first story is from the August 2013 Pet Feature.  Allison and Alex adopted their cat, Tripawd (Tripey), from the Maumelle Friends of the Animals. Tripey, as you can assume, is a three legged cat. Allison and Alex both wanted to help Tripey out and give him a good home. It looks as though he has found a wonderful home!

D6X_0905 D6X_0944

These next photos are from September’s issue featuring Sandy and Alan Brandon and their dog Sofie. Sofie was also adopted from the Maumelle Friends of the Animals.

SIW_2347 SIW_2425

Now we get to the St. Joseph Bazaar! This was a pretty cool festival the St. Joseph’s Church puts on every year in Conway.

SIW_5859 SIW_5873 SIW_5888 SIW_5909

And, the last set of photos is from September’s issue featuring Baron Mannis as the “Kid of the Month.”

SIW_7108 SIW_7155 SIW_7206 SIW_7271 SIW_7298

Hannah & Justin | Rehearsal & Mini Shoot

We definitely aren’t in Razorback Nation anymore!



Jaison and I left Saturday morning at 1 a.m. to head to Auburn, Alabama to film Hannah and Justin’s wedding! Today is the big day! I have known Hannah since 5th grade and Hannah was in our wedding back in May. We are so honored to now spend their wedding day with them. Yesterday we did  a mini session with them after their rehearsal lunch! We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do!

~ Callie and Jaison

SIW_3886 SIW_3933 SIW_3914 SIW_3901 SIW_3895 SIW_3887 SIW_3918 SIW_3935 SIW_3949 SIW_3951 SIW_3967 SIW_4059 SIW_4039 SIW_3995 SIW_3973 SIW_3971 SIW_4102 SIW_4082 SIW_4096 SIW_4029 SIW_4039 SIW_4107


Erica | Bridal Portraits

We are so thankful Erica and Chase chose us to capture a new chapter in their life story. From engagement portraits in the fall, to the wonderful bridal session in the spring, and finally to the big wedding day on June 1st! We absolutely loved capturing their special moments over the past year. Chase and Erica have become some of Callie and I’s closest friends and we wish them many years of joy and happiness!

Below are some of Erica’s beautiful bridal portraits!


SIW_2269 SIW_2353 SIW_2512 SIW_2712 SIW_2768 SIW_3211 D6X_9171 D6X_9185 D6X_9204 D6X_9232 D6X_9252 D6X_9268 D6X_9304 D6X_9352 D6X_9382 D6X_9401 D6X_9411 SIW_5528 SIW_5543 SIW_5605 SIW_5789 SIW_5842 SIW_5952-2 SIW_6100

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Off Camera Flash

First off, let me say that I am not the photographer who likes to use a flash. I prefer to use natural lighting. This past week I was doing a shoot for Unraveled Boutique. When we got to the location I soon realized I had left my memory cards at home. Oops!! Well, I had my 1976 film camera with me and a lot of film. My wife said she would drive thirty minutes back home to get the memory cards. I shot the first part of this session all on 35mm film. That turned out great. You can see those photos in my previous post.

When my wife returned with the memory cards the sun had already set and I just wasn’t getting the kind of lighting I wanted. So, I set up my off camera flash at about a 45 degree angle to the girls and exposed the shot to them.

Let me just say, WOW!! The colors after sunset were stunning!! I am extremely happy with the way these portraits turned out!!


Paige Morgan Alesha Morgan & Lacy