Off Camera Flash

First off, let me say that I am not the photographer who likes to use a flash. I prefer to use natural lighting. This past week I was doing a shoot for Unraveled Boutique. When we got to the location I soon realized I had left my memory cards at home. Oops!! Well, I had my 1976 film camera with me and a lot of film. My wife said she would drive thirty minutes back home to get the memory cards. I shot the first part of this session all on 35mm film. That turned out great. You can see those photos in my previous post.

When my wife returned with the memory cards the sun had already set and I just wasn’t getting the kind of lighting I wanted. So, I set up my off camera flash at about a 45 degree angle to the girls and exposed the shot to them.

Let me just say, WOW!! The colors after sunset were stunning!! I am extremely happy with the way these portraits turned out!!


Paige Morgan Alesha Morgan & Lacy

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