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Cody + Ashliegh | Conway Proposal

This was our second proposal to shoot and we couldn’t have asked for better weather, a more perfect location or a sweeter couple. We are thrilled to shoot their wedding in February! Cody had everything planned out perfectly. We all anxiously awaited for Ashleigh to a arrive at the Painted Table (formerly Michaelangelos) in Conway. Everything about the moment was magical & 30 minutes later after they had dinner with one another, Cody had another surprise for Ashleigh, some of their family and friends were there to celebrate–hidden and tucked away! He even hand made the “Marry Me” sign!! Ashleigh, girl you picked a good one! 😉

Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-2 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-3 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-4 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-5 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-6 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-7 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-8 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-9 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-10 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-11 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-12 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-13 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-14 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-15 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-16 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-17 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-18 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-19 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-20 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-21 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-22 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-23 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-24 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-25 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-26 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-27 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-28 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-29 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-30 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-31 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-32 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-33 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-34 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-35 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-36 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-37 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-38 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-39 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-40 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-41 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-42 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-43 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-44 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-45 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-46 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-47 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-48 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-49 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-50 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-51 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-52 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-53 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-54 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-55 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-56 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-57 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-58 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-59 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-60 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-61 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-62 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-63 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-64 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-65 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-66 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-67 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-68

Ashley & Tripp | Little Rock Engagement

Ashley and Tripp were the winners of an Instagram contest we drew for a few months back! We could not have drew a sweeter couple from our bucket. These were taken at Alda’s Magnolia Hill in Little Rock off Stagecoach, which is one of our favorite wedding venues! Miss Alda is the sweetest! We hoped to capture their southern fairytale in their engagement photos. We hope these two have an amazing wedding in Louisiana!


tripp&Ashley-30 tripp&Ashley-29 tripp&Ashley-28 tripp&Ashley-27 tripp&Ashley-26 tripp&Ashley-25 tripp&Ashley-24 tripp&Ashley-23 tripp&Ashley-22 tripp&Ashley-21 tripp&Ashley-20 tripp&Ashley-19 tripp&Ashley-18 tripp&Ashley-17 tripp&Ashley-16 tripp&Ashley-15 tripp&Ashley-14 tripp&Ashley-13 tripp&Ashley-12 tripp&Ashley-11 tripp&Ashley-10 tripp&Ashley-9 tripp&Ashley-8 tripp&Ashley-7 tripp&Ashley-6 tripp&Ashley-5 tripp&Ashley-4 tripp&Ashley-3 tripp&Ashley-2 tripp&Ashley

Emily & Jordan | Lonoke Engagement

We are so happy to work with Emily again! We did her senior pictures from UCA earlier this year and now she is ENGAGED! Jordan is quite the catch & we are so happy to share their sweet country themed session! We took these in Lonoke at her family’s home. We love the classic feel to these photos! You two are precious and we cannot wait to shoot your wedding next year!


Emily&Jordan Emily&Jordan-2 Emily&Jordan-3 Emily&Jordan-4 Emily&Jordan-5 Emily&Jordan-6 Emily&Jordan-7 Emily&Jordan-8 Emily&Jordan-9 Emily&Jordan-10 Emily&Jordan-11 Emily&Jordan-12 Emily&Jordan-13 Emily&Jordan-14 Emily&Jordan-15 Emily&Jordan-16 Emily&Jordan-17 Emily&Jordan-18 Emily&Jordan-19 Emily&Jordan-20 Emily&Jordan-21 Emily&Jordan-22 Emily&Jordan-23 Emily&Jordan-24 Emily&Jordan-25 Emily&Jordan-26 Emily&Jordan-27 Emily&Jordan-28 Emily&Jordan-29 Emily&Jordan-30 Emily&Jordan-31 Emily&Jordan-33 Emily&Jordan-34 Emily&Jordan-35 Emily&Jordan-36 Emily&Jordan-37 Emily&Jordan-38

Matthew & Torie | Little Rock Engagement

Have we mentioned that we love shooting fellow UCA Bears? Especially ones that are friends of our friends! These two were referred to us by some very dear friends of ours, Erica and Chase Watson. Torie caught the bouquet last June at “Cherica’s” wedding & little did we know that we would shoot their wedding in May 2015! We had such a good time with you two in Little Rock & we can not wait to spend your wedding day capturing your love story!

Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-7 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-11 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-12 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-16 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-17 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-22 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-23 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-26 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-28 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-33 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-41 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-42 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-45 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-47 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-49 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-52 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-54 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-57 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-66 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-67 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-69 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-72 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-77 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-81

Kayla & Josh | Conway Engagement


I am so thankful to have met Kayla and Josh through SOS (Student Orientation Staff) at UCA. They are two peas in a pod. They’re just so cool to be around and so full of energy! Their shoot down by the Arkansas River could not have been more original. They brought their hammocks, Greek Shirts and SOS shirts because they wanted their shoot to be completely unique and personalized, and it truly was one of a kind. Their hammock shots are some of my favorite photographs that we have ever taken. To top off the day Kayla and Josh knew how cool we thought their hammocks were that they later surprised us with one of our own. Now Jaison and I have a new favorite past-time. We are so bummed that we will be crusin’ (to Jamaica) during their wedding but luckily they have some awesome photographers shooting their big day, who happen to be some of our dearest friends, Kayla and Chris of KB McElmurry. We are so happy for Josh and Kayla and wish these two all the best in their marriage! We love you guys!

-Callie and Jaison

JoshKayla-3 JoshKayla-5 JoshKayla-10 JoshKayla-11 JoshKayla-13 JoshKayla-14 JoshKayla-15 JoshKayla-16 JoshKayla-20 JoshKayla-22 JoshKayla-24 JoshKayla-27 JoshKayla-28 JoshKayla-29 JoshKayla-30 JoshKayla-31 JoshKayla-32 JoshKayla-33 JoshKayla-34 JoshKayla-36 JoshKayla-39 JoshKayla-42 JoshKayla-43 JoshKayla-48 JoshKayla-50 JoshKayla-52 JoshKayla-54 JoshKayla-55 JoshKayla-58 JoshKayla-59 JoshKayla-61 JoshKayla-62 JoshKayla-63 JoshKayla-67 JoshKayla-68 JoshKayla-70 JoshKayla-73 JoshKayla-74 JoshKayla-76 JoshKayla-77 JoshKayla-79 JoshKayla-80 JoshKayla-81 JoshKayla-82 JoshKayla-86 JoshKayla-89 JoshKayla-91 JoshKayla-92 JoshKayla-94 JoshKayla-108 JoshKayla-110 JoshKayla-111 JoshKayla-114 JoshKayla-116 JoshKayla-119 JoshKayla-121 JoshKayla-124 JoshKayla-130 JoshKayla-133 JoshKayla-135 JoshKayla-137 JoshKayla-138 JoshKayla-139 JoshKayla-142 JoshKayla-143 JoshKayla-146 JoshKayla-148 JoshKayla-157 JoshKayla-160 JoshKayla-162 JoshKayla-165 JoshKayla-166 JoshKayla-167 JoshKayla-169 JoshKayla-171 JoshKayla-172 JoshKayla

Kayla & Bo | Heber Springs Engagement

Kayla has been one of my dearest friends since we were pledging Alpha Tau in 2010. She has a heart of gold. I am so happy that she has met someone who has a heart as big as hers. Bo is truly the perfect match for Kayla. It has been an honor as your friend to shoot your engagement photos & be able to show the world just how much you two love one another! We are so excited to attend and photograph your wedding! January 17, 2015 here we come!

Ps: super pumped to share my birthday with you two! I can’t wait to celebrate with both of you!


Kayla&Bo-2 Kayla&Bo-4 Kayla&Bo-7 Kayla&Bo-9 Kayla&Bo-11 Kayla&Bo-13 Kayla&Bo-16 Kayla&Bo-18 Kayla&Bo-19 Kayla&Bo-21 Kayla&Bo-22 Kayla&Bo-25 Kayla&Bo-27 Kayla&Bo-29 Kayla&Bo-30 Kayla&Bo-31 Kayla&Bo-32 Kayla&Bo-35 Kayla&Bo-36 Kayla&Bo-38 Kayla&Bo-40 Kayla&Bo-44 Kayla&Bo-45 Kayla&Bo-46 Kayla&Bo-48 Kayla&Bo-50 Kayla&Bo-51
Kayla&Bo-55 Kayla&Bo-57 Kayla&Bo-60 Kayla&Bo-62 Kayla&Bo-63 Kayla&Bo-71 Kayla&Bo-72 Kayla&Bo-76 Kayla&Bo-77 Kayla&Bo-79 Kayla&Bo-80 Kayla&Bo-82 Kayla&Bo-83 Kayla&Bo-84 Kayla&Bo-85 Kayla&Bo-87 Kayla&Bo-88 Kayla&Bo-90 Kayla&Bo-93 Kayla&Bo-95 Kayla&Bo-96 Kayla&Bo-98 Kayla&Bo-102 Kayla&Bo-105 Kayla&Bo-109 Kayla&Bo-110 Kayla&Bo-121 Kayla&Bo-128 Kayla&Bo-130 Kayla&Bo-133 Kayla&Bo-135 Kayla&Bo-136 Kayla&Bo-139 Kayla&Bo-141 Kayla&Bo-142 Kayla&Bo-146 Kayla&Bo-147 Kayla&Bo-152 Kayla&Bo-155 Kayla&Bo-157 Kayla&Bo-158 Kayla&Bo-159 Kayla&Bo kayla&bo_film-2 kayla&bo_film-4 kayla&bo_film-6 kayla&bo_film-13 kayla&bo_film-14 kayla&bo_film-19

Jenna & James | Little Rock Engagement

From the moment I met Jenna and James at Starbucks for their consultation I knew I would just love them! They are both nurses and naturally so down-to-earth, easy going and just overall precious! Their session at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock has been one of my favorites. After I suggested the location they were on board, especially since James proposed there! The weather was perfect after a week of rain prior. (Can we get back to that weather ASAP please?) They had the BEST idea to bring a pop-up tent to change clothes in. As a result we are now going to buy one for future sessions! We can not wait for their wedding in September! We hope you enjoy this sweet couple, we sure enjoyed taking these!


Jenna&James_Engagement Jenna&James_Engagement-2 Jenna&James_Engagement-3 Jenna&James_Engagement-4 Jenna&James_Engagement-5 Jenna&James_Engagement-6 Jenna&James_Engagement-7 Jenna&James_Engagement-8 Jenna&James_Engagement-9 Jenna&James_Engagement-10 Jenna&James_Engagement-11 Jenna&James_Engagement-12 Jenna&James_Engagement-13 Jenna&James_Engagement-14 Jenna&James_Engagement-15 Jenna&James_Engagement-16 Jenna&James_Engagement-17 Jenna&James_Engagement-18 Jenna&James_Engagement-19 Jenna&James_Engagement-20 Jenna&James_Engagement-21 Jenna&James_Engagement-22 Jenna&James_Engagement-23 Jenna&James_Engagement-24 Jenna&James_Engagement-25 Jenna&James_Engagement-26

Kori & Blake | Conway Engagement

Kori & Blake were such a fun couple to shoot! It was supposed to rain that day but the rain held off just long enough to finish their session. We had some pretty hilarious things happen, like the man who was living in the old house we were shooting in front of. Blake’s parent’s friends own the house but we totally didn’t expect a man to pop out of the window. I digress… The photos were so easy to take though, these two are naturals! The Vilonia scenery was amazing, also!

We hope you enjoy!

Kori&Blake-2 Kori&Blake Kori&Blake-3 Kori&Blake-4 Kori&Blake-5 Kori&Blake-6 Kori&Blake-7 Kori&Blake-8 Kori&Blake-9 Kori&Blake-10 Kori&Blake-11 Kori&Blake-12 Kori&Blake-13 Kori&Blake-14 Kori&Blake-15 Kori&Blake-16 Kori&Blake-17 Kori&Blake-18 Kori&Blake-19 Kori&Blake-20 Kori&Blake-21 Kori&Blake-22 Kori&Blake-23 Kori&Blake-24 Kori&Blake-25 Kori&Blake-26 Kori&Blake-27 Kori&Blake-28 Kori&Blake-29 Kori&Blake-30 Kori&Blake-31 Kori&Blake-32 Kori&Blake-33 Kori&Blake-34 Kori&Blake-35 Kori&Blake-36 Kori&Blake-37 Kori&Blake-38 Kori&Blake-39

Hayden & Kristen | Engagement

We couldn’t have picked a better couple to win a special we offered at the bridal fair! So excited to be photographing and filming Kristen and Hayden’s big day! They are seriously so precious. I was so excited when they were down to do the “Love and Basketball” pose when I mentioned it. Also, we love that they incorporated their love for Harding University into their shoot!

Enjoy these sweet lovebirds!

kristen&hayden_engagement-3 kristen&hayden_engagement-4 kristen&hayden_engagement-5 kristen&hayden_engagement-6 kristen&hayden_engagement-7 kristen&hayden_engagement-8 kristen&hayden_engagement-9 kristen&hayden_engagement-10 kristen&hayden_engagement-11 kristen&hayden_engagement-12 kristen&hayden_engagement-13 kristen&hayden_engagement-14 kristen&hayden_engagement-15 kristen&hayden_engagement-16 kristen&hayden_engagement-17 kristen&hayden_engagement-18 kristen&hayden_engagement-19 kristen&hayden_engagement-20 kristen&hayden_engagement-21 kristen&hayden_engagement-22 kristen&hayden_engagement-23 kristen&hayden_engagement-24 kristen&hayden_engagement-25 kristen&hayden_engagement-26 kristen&hayden_engagement-27 kristen&hayden_engagement-28 kristen&hayden_engagement-29 kristen&hayden_engagement-30 kristen&hayden_engagement-31 kristen&hayden_engagement-32 kristen&hayden_engagement-33 kristen&hayden_engagement-34 kristen&hayden_engagement-35 kristen&hayden_engagement-36 kristen&hayden_engagement-37 kristen&hayden_engagement-38

Alex & Kim | Little Rock Engagement

Kimberly & Alex had a super unique location that we had never been to before! Needless to say we are now in LOVE! The gazebo was hands down the coolest gazebo we both have ever seen. They also were up for anything, including, sitting in a flowerbed of tulips! We can’t wait to shoot Kim’s Bridals & their wedding in June!! #huntpartyof2

We hope you enjoy!

<3 The Sterlings

Kim&Alex Kim&Alex-2 Kim&Alex-3 Kim&Alex-4 Kim&Alex-5 Kim&Alex-6 Kim&Alex-7 Kim&Alex-8 Kim&Alex-9 Kim&Alex-10 Kim&Alex-11 Kim&Alex-12 Kim&Alex-13 Kim&Alex-14 Kim&Alex-15 Kim&Alex-16 Kim&Alex-17 Kim&Alex-18 Kim&Alex-19

Taylor & Alexa | Engagement

Alexa and Taylor’s photos are up on the blog! I have really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph several of my sorority sisters this past month! Lucky to call these beautiful women my sisters & friends. Taylor and Alexa are such a go-getter couple & we are so happy that they are finally engaged! Can’t wait until their fabulous wedding next year!


Callie and Jaison

taylor&alexaINTERNET TaylorAlexa1 TaylorAlexa2 TaylorAlexa3 TaylorAlexa4 TaylorAlexa5 TaylorAlexa6 TaylorAlexa7 TaylorAlexa8 TaylorAlexa9 TaylorAlexa10 TaylorAlexa11 TaylorAlexa12 TaylorAlexa13 TaylorAlexa14 TaylorAlexa15 TaylorAlexa16 TaylorAlexa17 TaylorAlexa18 TaylorAlexa19 TaylorAlexa20 TaylorAlexa21 TaylorAlexa22 TaylorAlexa23 TaylorAlexa24 TaylorAlexa25 TaylorAlexa26 TaylorAlexa27 TaylorAlexa28 TaylorAlexa29 TaylorAlexa30 TaylorAlexa31 TaylorAlexa32 TaylorAlexa33

Anna Lee & Colby | Engagement Part 1

Anna and Colby are on the blog! Their session was definitely worth the drive to Hope, AR. Anna is such a beautiful woman & I am so glad to call her my sister. We met through Alpha Tau at UCA and she is amazing! We had fun riding around with you & Colby on all of your land. Jaison handled the film portion of their session (film scans will be in soon) and I took majority of the digital photos. Can’t wait to do Anna’s bridals!


Callie & Jaison

PS: Jaison, I may have become partial to the D800 after this shoot!


Anna&ColbyBlog-2 Anna&ColbyBlog-3.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-3 Anna&ColbyBlog-4 Anna&ColbyBlog-5.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-5 Anna&ColbyBlog-6.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-6.2 Anna&ColbyBlog-6 Anna&ColbyBlog-7 Anna&ColbyBlog-8 Anna&ColbyBlog-9.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-9.2 Anna&ColbyBlog-9 Anna&ColbyBlog-10.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-10 Anna&ColbyBlog-11.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-11 Anna&ColbyBlog-12 Anna&ColbyBlog-13Anna&ColbyBlog-19 Anna&ColbyBlog-21 Anna&ColbyBlog-25 Anna&ColbyBlog-11.21