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The Wood Family | Little Rock Mini Session

I am thankful that I met Catherine through the UCA Young Alumni Association Board! Her little family is so so cute aren’t they?! Little Natalie smiled like a champ, even though I was certain we would be blown away by the crazy wind! There is only one word to describe this session, PRECIOUS! It was so hard to choose my favorites for this blog post, Natalie looked so sweet in all of them! Enjoy!

p.s. It is just a bonus that Catherine is one of my sorority sisters and I didn’t even know it until recently. I love that Alpha Tau is something I can share with so many incredible women! Feeling blessed!

Lots of love,

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The Glovers | Arkansas Family

I met Carrie through her sister Amy, who is a good friend of mine. Amy’s little girl, Abi, was our flower girl in our wedding! This was the third time we got to photograph Will and each session I swear he gets cuter and cuter. This year, he has grown so much!! We loved that he was sporting his cowboy Halloween costume, he looked like a little man! Will’s favorite part of the session was when Jaison and his dad Jason threw leaves around him. Those made for some of the sweetest photos ever. Enjoy!

ps: AND I got to use our chevron chair prop which was exciting to have someone just the right size to fit in it!

CarrieJasonWill CarrieJasonWill-3 CarrieJasonWill-2 CarrieJasonWill-5 CarrieJasonWill-4 CarrieJasonWill-8 CarrieJasonWill-7 CarrieJasonWill-6 CarrieJasonWill-10 CarrieJasonWill-9 CarrieJasonWill-13 CarrieJasonWill-12 CarrieJasonWill-11 CarrieJasonWill-15 CarrieJasonWill-14 CarrieJasonWill-16 Glover Family

Casey, Crystal & Emma | Family Session

Crystal, Casey and Emma are AMAZING! It was so hard to choose my favorites for their blog post because they looked so happy in all of them! Crystal was my “big sis” on dance team in high school (in our North Pulaski Falcon days). I am so thankful that dance team brought us together and I am lucky to call her my friend. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years but it was like picking up right where we left off. Those are the best types of friendships! Meeting Emma was awesome too, isn’t she adorable?! I love the lighting during this session, it was right before sunset by the river.

Enjoy this lovely family session!
Family Session DSC_4484 DSC_4486 DSC_4492 DSC_4498 DSC_4499 DSC_4504 DSC_4505 DSC_4520 DSC_4521 DSC_4522 DSC_4523 DSC_4536 DSC_4548 DSC_4555 DSC_4564 DSC_4581 DSC_4595 DSC_4607 DSC_4615 DSC_4632 DSC_4688 DSC_4715 SIW_1448 SIW_1451 SIW_1454 SIW_1462 SIW_1467 SIW_1473 SIW_1477 SIW_1493 SIW_1499 SIW_1501 SIW_1505 SIW_1506 SIW_1510 SIW_1519 SIW_1526 SIW_1540 SIW_1553 SIW_1554 SIW_1576 SIW_1582

Anna Belle

We are a little behind on blogging but this girl is too sweet not to blog her session! This was my second time to photograph Anna Belle and each time has been amazing! Her big blue eyes are beautiful. I can’t get enough of these pictures from her first birthday! She is gorgeous just like her mom! (Her whole family is beautiful!)

AnnaBelle-55 AnnaBelle-54 AnnaBelle-52 AnnaBelle-49 AnnaBelle-48 AnnaBelle-44 AnnaBelle-43 AnnaBelle-42 AnnaBelle-37 AnnaBelle-36 AnnaBelle-34 AnnaBelle-33 AnnaBelle-32 AnnaBelle-29 AnnaBelle-23 AnnaBelle-22 AnnaBelle-21 AnnaBelle-20 AnnaBelle-18 AnnaBelle-16 AnnaBelle-15 AnnaBelle-11 AnnaBelle-9 AnnaBelle-7 AnnaBelle-5 AnnaBelle-4 AnnaBelle-3 AnnaBelle-11 AnnaBelle-9 AnnaBelle-7 AnnaBelle-5 Anna Belle

Easton 2nd Birthday | Pizan Family

Blake & Katie, you two have such an adorable little boy! Easton is so precious! He was so cute carrying around his teddy bear during the shoot! I met Blake through North Little Rock football, where he is a coach. As many of you know, I cover all the football games for NLR. I was so excited when Blake asked me to take Easton’s photos last year and I am even more excited that he and Katie asked me to take his two year old photos!!

I hope y’all enjoy!

Jaison Pizan Family-2 Pizan Family Pizan Family-3 Pizan Family-4 Pizan Family-5 Pizan Family-6 Pizan Family-7 Pizan Family-8 Pizan Family-9 Pizan Family-10 Pizan Family-11 Pizan Family-12 Pizan Family-13 Pizan Family-14 Pizan Family-15 Pizan Family-16 Pizan Family-17 Pizan Family-18 Pizan Family-19 Pizan Family-20 Pizan Family-21 Pizan Family-22 Pizan Family-23 Pizan Family-24 Pizan Family-25 Pizan Family-26 Pizan Family-27 Pizan Family-28 Pizan Family-29 Pizan Family-30 Pizan Family-31 Pizan Family-32 Pizan Family-33 Pizan Family-34 Pizan Family-35 Pizan Family-36 Pizan Family-37 Pizan Family-38 Pizan Family-39 Pizan Family-40 Pizan Family-41 Pizan Family-42 Pizan Family-43 Pizan Family-44 Pizan Family-45 Pizan Family-46 Pizan Family-47

Bell Family Photos 2014

I was really excited to get the opportunity to take my cousin’s family photos! Randy & Kristi are some of the nicest people you could ever meet and their children, Brynne & Brett, are some of the sweetest and most enjoyable kids I have been around. I loved getting to take these photos out behind my grandparents old house. Brings back a lot of memories!

Enjoy the photos from this awesome family of four, plus Tootsie!


BellFamily(i) BellFamily(i)-59 BellFamily(i)-58 BellFamily(i)-56 BellFamily(i)-53 BellFamily(i)-52 BellFamily(i)-49 BellFamily(i)-46 BellFamily(i)-44 BellFamily(i)-39 BellFamily(i)-37 BellFamily(i)-35 BellFamily(i)-33 BellFamily(i)-28 BellFamily(i)-24 BellFamily(i)-22 BellFamily(i)-18 BellFamily(i)-16 BellFamily(i)-13 BellFamily(i)-10 BellFamily(i)-9 BellFamily(i)-3

Brandon, Courtney, & Jude | Family Session

We LOVE referrals from our friends! This cute family was referred to us by one of our sweet bride’s and dear friend, Tiffanee Samples. (Who is now Mrs. Miller as of May 10th! Congrats Tiff). I also had German class with Brandon for a few semesters at UCA so I had already heard about cute little Jude from him. So glad that I finally got to meet Jude and Brandon’s awesome wife, Courtney! I feel like I have known Courtney forever because like Tiffanee, she is so easy to talk to and down to earth. Jude’s blue eyes are enough to make your heart melt! The location was PACKED but we were lucky to find a few vacant spots for pictures! Enjoy this precious family of three.


SIW_5357 SIW_5316 SIW_5308 SIW_5298 SIW_5281 D6X_9098 SIW_5259 SIW_5218 SIW_5203 SIW_5196 SIW_5186 D6X_9027 SIW_5182 SIW_5168 SIW_5159 SIW_5154 D6X_9006 SIW_5130 D6X_8996 D6X_8983 D6X_8988 SIW_5079 D6X_8974 SIW_5039 D6X_8957 SIW_5030 D6X_8954 SIW_5001 D6X_8948 D6X_8939 SIW_4973 SIW_4966 D6X_8931 D6X_8925 SIW_4950 D6X_8918 SIW_4943 D6X_8914

Anna Belle

What a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. We of course were thrilled when Anna Belle’s mom, Jennifer, asked us to do some modeling shots of Anna Belle. These are going to be submitted to a few agencies in hopes of getting this cutie some modeling gigs. This girl will give you baby fever for sure! I shot all the digital photos and Jaison shot film.


Love, Callie

D6X_9309 D6X_9316 D6X_9320 D6X_9328 D6X_9340 D6X_9347 D6X_9351 D6X_9355 D6X_9380 D6X_9391 000048500002 000048500004 000048500006 000048500007 000048500008 000048500010 000048500013 000048500016 000048500017

Cash Family Portraits

I have known Coach Cash since my football playing days at CAC. Over the past year I have ran into him a couple times at different weddings Callie and I have been working and it is always a joy to see him and his family! I was really excited when his wife won a free session from one of our previous drawings. It was such a pleasure getting to take their family portraits!

Enjoy the photos!!

CashFamilyInternet-2 CashFamilyInternet-3 CashFamilyInternet-4 CashFamilyInternet-5 CashFamilyInternet-6 CashFamilyInternet-7 CashFamilyInternet-8 CashFamilyInternet-9 CashFamilyInternet-10 CashFamilyInternet-11 CashFamilyInternet-12 CashFamilyInternet-13 CashFamilyInternet-14 CashFamilyInternet-15 CashFamilyInternet

The Bray Family

Destiny and I met during my first college class at UCA, Comp I with Stephanie Vanderslice. I thought she was just precious! Now, four years later she has the cutest family! Destiny also was a huge lifesaver back in May when she made all the bouquets in our wedding! (She makes awesome boquets!!) So glad that UCA knew what they were doing by placing us in the same class, I am glad to call her my friend & love the way their photos turned out! Check out the Bray family!

Card DestinyBrysonBuck-2 DestinyBrysonBuck-10 DestinyBrysonBuck-12 DestinyBrysonBuck-13 DestinyBrysonBuck-15 DestinyBrysonBuck-17 DestinyBrysonBuck-18 DestinyBrysonBuck-19 DestinyBrysonBuck-24 DestinyBrysonBuck-27 DestinyBrysonBuck-28 DestinyBrysonBuck-31

Evan, Reese, & Izzy | Film Portraits

Evan, Reese, & Izzy are on the blog, again!!! As you know, we absolutely love shooting film! I asked Evan and Reese if they cared if I shot a roll of film during their family session and they did not care at all! I could not be more happy with the way these photos turned out!



For all you photography nerds out there, these photos were shot with a Nikon F100 on Kodak Porta 400.
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The Watson Family | Fall Portraits

I have known Brooke since I started working at the salon in 2008. She actually hired me back in the day (haha)! I was so excited when she told me she wanted to have photos taken. I knew how cute her family was and knew they would make for the cutest pictures! Her kiddos Maddie and Cade are so sweet and went along with all of the ideas we had, (even if one of them included tying Maddie up with Christmas lights.) Josh & Brooke, you sure do have a beautiful family. Jaison & I had a fun time laughing with you guys!

<3 Callie

D6X_8031 D6X_8034 D6X_8038 SIW_8339 D6X_8047 SIW_8342 SIW_8352 SIW_8358 SIW_8359 D6X_8049 D6X_8056 D6X_8061 D6X_8068 D6X_8073 D6X_8075 D6X_8079 D6X_8091 D6X_8092 D6X_8103 D6X_8108 SIW_8387 D6X_8118 SIW_8421 SIW_8428 D6X_8129 D6X_8139 D6X_8144 D6X_8149 D6X_8160 D6X_8164 SIW_8448 SIW_8450 D6X_8176 D6X_8186 SIW_8460 SIW_8461 SIW_8470 D6X_8193 SIW_8479 D6X_8199 D6X_8218 SIW_8486 D6X_8228 D6X_8247 SIW_8509 SIW_8515 SIW_8519 SIW_8524 SIW_8528 D6X_8267 D6X_8274 D6X_8276 SIW_8550 SIW_8558 D6X_8285 SIW_8561 SIW_8565 SIW_8569 SIW_8572 SIW_8573 SIW_8584 SIW_8594