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Katie Gipson Eagle | Little Rock, AR Bridals

Katie was the sweetest bride! She is in my bunco group and although we knew one another before she booked us for photography, we have became even closer friends throughout her wedding experience and I am so thankful to call her a friend!

 She fully trusted me throughout the whole process, which I am so grateful for and appreciated more than she knows. She was always telling me how much she loved her photos, which was the best feeling <3

She and Brad had a beautiful wedding just a little over a week ago and it was perfect and so beautiful! We had the best time hanging out with them and their friends all day.

Something unique about Katie’s wedding – she had TWO dresses! They were BOTH so beautiful! I don’t know which one I like better so here is a little preview of them both! <3 Love love love! Can’t wait to show off her wedding photos soon!

-Callie & Jaison

Venue: Goodwin Manor

Dresses: Low’s Bridal and Formal

Taylor Scott Ransack | McCroy, AR Bridals

It was so special for me to get to photograph these bridals – this is my sweet cousin Taylor. Although I have known her most of my life and all of hers; & we completely reconnected throughout her wedding planning experience. & I am so in love with her bridal session! The lighting was so dreamy coming through the pecan orchard and the weather was nearly perfect. So glad I am finally able to sit down and share this beautiful bride’s portraits with the world. Love you Tay!


Molly Parker | El Paso, Arkansas Bridals

I am so glad I didn’t have to wait very long to share these special bridals, because I could not have waited much longer. Molly is a dear friend I met in college through Alpha Tau. She was my pledge sister and my pledge buddy (PB). I think they paired us together because we were both redheads & they couldn’t have picked a better match to be my PB. First, this girl is super woman. Anything she touches turns to gold! It has been a privilege to have her by my side through our college years. And NOW, she is moving to Rwanda (in a few days). Yes, Africa! Molly planned her wedding in a month and two weeks and it was PERFECT! I am not surprised though, if anyone could’ve done it, it was going to be this girl. I am hoping to visit her later this year in her new home and go sight-seeing. We will take our cameras, don’t worry! And for Clay, her sweet groom… he has the same heart and drive as Molly & I know he is going to take great care of her! To my friends, I am excited for your new journey & I love you both! We still have wedding photos coming, but in the meantime here are Molly’s fabulous bridals!


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