Amanda Lutz | Little Rock Bridals

I told Amanda she looked like an angel when I was shooting these and looking back at them, she truly does. Especially when the light was shining behind her toward the end of the session, I especially love those! She was a gem to work with! Kirk – can’t wait to share some of you from the wedding day! And of course more of this beauty to come from the big day! Enjoy these bridals in the meantime!

AL-2 AL-3 AL-4 AL-5 AL-6 AL-7 AL-8 AL-9 AL-10 AL-11 AL-12 AL-13 AL-14 AL-15 AL-16 AL-17 AL-18 AL-19 AL-20 AL-21 AL-22 AL-23 AL-24 AL-25 AL-26 AL-27 AL-28 AL-29 AL-30 AL-31 AL-32 AL-33 AL-34 AL-35 AL-36 AL-37 AL-38 AL-39 AL-40 AL

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