Emily Harris | Lonoke Bridals

Emily was married yesterday so we can finally share her bridals! We have been waiting since the fall of 2014 to share these and we are SO ready! We took these in Lonoke with her sweet pup, Molly. Em is a true southern belle! Wedding pictures coming soon!

Lots of love,

Embridals(b)-2 Embridals(b) Embridals(b)-3 Embridals(b)-4 Embridals(b)-5 Embridals(b)-6 Embridals(b)-7 Embridals(b)-8 Embridals(b)-9 Embridals(b)-10 Embridals(b)-11 Embridals(b)-12 Embridals(b)-13 Embridals(b)-14 Embridals(b)-15 Embridals(b)-16 Embridals(b)-17 Embridals(b)-18 Embridals(b)-19 Embridals(b)-20 Embridals(b)-21 Embridals(b)-22 Embridals(b)-23 Embridals(b)-24 Embridals(b)-25 Embridals(b)-26 Embridals(b)-27 Embridals(b)-28 Embridals(b)-29 Embridals(b)-30 Embridals(b)-31 Embridals(b)-32 Embridals(b)-33

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