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Savannah + Matt | Little Rock, AR Engagements

This is probably the most unique engagement session that we have ever done to date! When Savannah and Matt came to us with this idea – we were automatically in love. They are both tap dancers; and that is a major focus in their relationship. We love that they wanted tap to be the theme for their engagements!

We all agreed that Dreamland Ballroom in Little Rock would be a great setting for this dreamy session. Complete with the original paint and brick, this was absolutely THE perfect setting. They tapped away while we snapped — it was fun to see them in their natural element while we were in ours!

We are so thankful to know these two – we met Savannah at CrossFit, where she and her mom quickly became some of our favorite workout partners! We are still hopeful that Matt will join our CrossFit fam! (hint hint, Matt).

These tappers will tie the knot this coming April at the newly rennovated Robinson Center, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! Until then here are their engagements to tide you over!

-Jaison and Callie

ps- If you want to check out their non-profit tap dance company, Untapped, it is the only non-profit tap dance company  in Arkansas and such an amazing organization!

Cassie Vick Richards | Little Rock Bridals

We are loving this redhead & her bridals! Cassie was amazing to work with during the entire process of her wedding journey. I of course was thrilled to have a fellow-redhead to hang out with during her shoot! She & Dallion tied the knot in December & we are happy to share these images now that the holiday season has wrapped up! She and I are equally obsessed with gold and I love the gold accents in her bouquet and I love the gold doors that she wanted to use! Stay tuned for her wedding photos – coming soon!



The Rice Family | Little Rock Holiday Mini Session

We met Terri and Johnny and their kiddos through NLR basketball when Jay started taking basketball photos for the local newspaper, NLR Times. Coach Rice has been so great to Jaison. I know sports photography is Jaison’s favorite and we have has amazing support from the NLR high school staff and parents of the players. We are so glad we have had the opportunity to work with the basketball team and now taking The Rice’s family photos this holiday season. His wife, Terri is just as sweet and down-to-earth as she can be! We loved hanging out with their family during their mini session! They’re a super cute family! Enjoy!

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Alex & Kimberly | Little Rock Wedding

Kim & Alex’s wedding was a fun day & night! Kim is stunningly beautiful & Alex is as sweet as pie! Really though, he is such a sweet natured man & together they make the perfect pair. They tied the Knot at First United Methodist in Little Rock and the reception was held at the train station (Next Level Events). We managed to snap some of the ladies getting ready at the Marriott (formerly the Peabody) and loved the fun shots of Kim & her bridesmaids jumping on the bed, super sweet! Overall the day was amazing! We hope you enjoy & can see how much fun everyone was having through our photos!

Kim&Alex_Wedding Kim&Alex_Wedding-2 Kim&Alex_Wedding-3 Kim&Alex_Wedding-4 Kim&Alex_Wedding-5 Kim&Alex_Wedding-6 Kim&Alex_Wedding-7 Kim&Alex_Wedding-8 Kim&Alex_Wedding-9 Kim&Alex_Wedding-10 Kim&Alex_Wedding-11 Kim&Alex_Wedding-12 Kim&Alex_Wedding-13 Kim&Alex_Wedding-14 Kim&Alex_Wedding-15 Kim&Alex_Wedding-16 Kim&Alex_Wedding-17 Kim&Alex_Wedding-18 Kim&Alex_Wedding-19 Kim&Alex_Wedding-20 Kim&Alex_Wedding-21 Kim&Alex_Wedding-22 Kim&Alex_Wedding-23 Kim&Alex_Wedding-24 Kim&Alex_Wedding-25 Kim&Alex_Wedding-26 Kim&Alex_Wedding-27 Kim&Alex_Wedding-28 Kim&Alex_Wedding-29 Kim&Alex_Wedding-30 Kim&Alex_Wedding-31 Kim&Alex_Wedding-32 Kim&Alex_Wedding-33 Kim&Alex_Wedding-34 Kim&Alex_Wedding-35 Kim&Alex_Wedding-36 Kim&Alex_Wedding-37 Kim&Alex_Wedding-38 Kim&Alex_Wedding-39 Kim&Alex_Wedding-40 Kim&Alex_Wedding-41 Kim&Alex_Wedding-42 Kim&Alex_Wedding-43 Kim&Alex_Wedding-44 Kim&Alex_Wedding-45 Kim&Alex_Wedding-46 Kim&Alex_Wedding-47 Kim&Alex_Wedding-48 Kim&Alex_Wedding-49 Kim&Alex_Wedding-50Kim&Alex_Wedding-51 Kim&Alex_Wedding-52 Kim&Alex_Wedding-53 Kim&Alex_Wedding-54 Kim&Alex_Wedding-55 Kim&Alex_Wedding-56 Kim&Alex_Wedding-57 Kim&Alex_Wedding-58 Kim&Alex_Wedding-59 Kim&Alex_Wedding-60 Kim&Alex_Wedding-61 Kim&Alex_Wedding-62 Kim&Alex_Wedding-63 Kim&Alex_Wedding-64 Kim&Alex_Wedding-65 Kim&Alex_Wedding-66 Kim&Alex_Wedding-67 Kim&Alex_Wedding-68 Kim&Alex_Wedding-69 Kim&Alex_Wedding-70 Kim&Alex_Wedding-71 Kim&Alex_Wedding-72 Kim&Alex_Wedding-73 Kim&Alex_Wedding-74 Kim&Alex_Wedding-75 Kim&Alex_Wedding-76 Kim&Alex_Wedding-77 Kim&Alex_Wedding-78 Kim&Alex_Wedding-79 Kim&Alex_Wedding-80 Kim&Alex_Wedding-81 Kim&Alex_Wedding-82 Kim&Alex_Wedding-83 Kim&Alex_Wedding-84 Kim&Alex_Wedding-85 Kim&Alex_Wedding-86 Kim&Alex_Wedding-87 Kim&Alex_Wedding-88 Kim&Alex_Wedding-89 Kim&Alex_Wedding-90 Kim&Alex_Wedding-91 Kim&Alex_Wedding-92 Kim&Alex_Wedding-93 Kim&Alex_Wedding-94 Kim&Alex_Wedding-95 Kim&Alex_Wedding-96 Kim&Alex_Wedding-97 Kim&Alex_Wedding-98 Kim&Alex_Wedding-99 Kim&Alex_Wedding-100 Kim&Alex_Wedding-101 Kim&Alex_Wedding-102 Kim&Alex_Wedding-103 Kim&Alex_Wedding-104 Kim&Alex_Wedding-105 Kim&Alex_Wedding-106 Kim&Alex_Wedding-107 Kim&Alex_Wedding-108 Kim&Alex_Wedding-109 Kim&Alex_Wedding-110 Kim&Alex_Wedding-111 Kim&Alex_Wedding-112 Kim&Alex_Wedding-113 Kim&Alex_Wedding-114 Kim&Alex_Wedding-115 Kim&Alex_Wedding-116 Kim&Alex_Wedding-117 Kim&Alex_Wedding-118 Kim&Alex_Wedding-119 Kim&Alex_Wedding-120 Kim&Alex_Wedding-121 Kim&Alex_Wedding-122 Kim&Alex_Wedding-123 Kim&Alex_Wedding-124 Kim&Alex_Wedding-125 Kim&Alex_Wedding-126 Kim&Alex_Wedding-127 Kim&Alex_Wedding-128 Kim&Alex_Wedding-129 Kim&Alex_Wedding-130 Kim&Alex_Wedding-131 Kim&Alex_Wedding-132 Kim&Alex_Wedding-133 Kim&Alex_Wedding-134 Kim&Alex_Wedding-135 Kim&Alex_Wedding-136 Kim&Alex_Wedding-137 Kim&Alex_Wedding-138 Kim&Alex_Wedding-139 Kim&Alex_Wedding-140 Kim&Alex_Wedding-141 Kim&Alex_Wedding-142 Kim&Alex_Wedding-143 Kim&Alex_Wedding-144 Kim&Alex_Wedding-145 Kim&Alex_Wedding-146 Kim&Alex_Wedding-147 Kim&Alex_Wedding-148 Kim&Alex_Wedding-149 Kim&Alex_Wedding-150 Kim&Alex_Wedding-151 Kim&Alex_Wedding-152 Kim&Alex_Wedding-153 Kim&Alex_Wedding-154 Kim&Alex_Wedding-155 Kim&Alex_Wedding-156 Kim&Alex_Wedding-157 Kim&Alex_Wedding-158 Kim&Alex_Wedding-159 Kim&Alex_Wedding-160 Kim&Alex_Wedding-161 Kim&Alex_Wedding-162 Kim&Alex_Wedding-163 Kim&Alex_Wedding-164 Kim&Alex_Wedding-165 Kim&Alex_Wedding-166 Kim&Alex_Wedding-167 Kim&Alex_Wedding-168 Kim&Alex_Wedding-169 Kim&Alex_Wedding-170 Kim&Alex_Wedding-171 Kim&Alex_Wedding-172 Kim&Alex_Wedding-173 Kim&Alex_Wedding-174 Kim&Alex_Wedding-175 Kim&Alex_Wedding-176 Kim&Alex_Wedding-177

501 LIFE Photos

Finally, I get to post some of the photos I have taken for 501 LIFE Magazine over the past couple months!

This past month I have been kept pretty busy taking photos for not only Sterling Imageworks but for 501 Life in Conway.

This first story is from the August 2013 Pet Feature.  Allison and Alex adopted their cat, Tripawd (Tripey), from the Maumelle Friends of the Animals. Tripey, as you can assume, is a three legged cat. Allison and Alex both wanted to help Tripey out and give him a good home. It looks as though he has found a wonderful home!

D6X_0905 D6X_0944

These next photos are from September’s issue featuring Sandy and Alan Brandon and their dog Sofie. Sofie was also adopted from the Maumelle Friends of the Animals.

SIW_2347 SIW_2425

Now we get to the St. Joseph Bazaar! This was a pretty cool festival the St. Joseph’s Church puts on every year in Conway.

SIW_5859 SIW_5873 SIW_5888 SIW_5909

And, the last set of photos is from September’s issue featuring Baron Mannis as the “Kid of the Month.”

SIW_7108 SIW_7155 SIW_7206 SIW_7271 SIW_7298

Hannah & Justin | Auburn Wedding | Film Photos

This was the first wedding that I actually got to take a lot of 35mm and medium format film photos. I absolutely love the timeless, classic look of film, especially medium format. The look you get with digital photos is just not the same as with film photos.

I hope you enjoy the film photos from Hannah & Justin’s wedding and rehearsal!

Jaison & Callie

C016463-R1-13-14 C016463-R1-12-13 C016463-R1-10-11 C016463-R1-09-10 C016463-R1-07-8 C016463-R1-05-6 C016463-R1-03-4 C016463-R1-02-3 C016463-R1-01-2 C016463-R1-00-1 C006471-R1-12-13 C006471-R1-11-12 C006471-R1-10-11 C006471-R1-08-9 C006471-R1-07-8 C006471-R1-05-6 C006471-R1-04-5 C006471-R1-01-2 C006466-R1-23-24 C006466-R1-12-13 C006466-R1-09-10 C006465-R1-11-12 C006465-R1-10-11 C006465-R1-08-9 C006465-R1-05-6

If you would like to inquire about our film photography services please fill out our contact form! We would love to give you the timeless look of film photos for any event!

Medium Format!

Last week I got quite the surprise at work. A client brought in a Mamiya rz67 and two Pentax 645s. He had owned his own photography business before becoming a preacher. He told me I could have the cameras as long as I used them!

Well of course I am going to use them! I went that day and bought film.

This past Sunday, Callie and I got to do a wonderful engagement session for Olivia & Braxton. I asked them if it would be alright if I took some photos with film. They both agreed and said they could not wait to see the photos! Well, I finally have my first roll of 120 back from being developed and I LOVE it!!

These are the photos from the Mamiya rz67.

0007951-R1-08-9 0007951-R1-05-6 0007951-R1-06-7 0007951-R1-03-4 0007951-R1-04-5 0007951-R1-01-2 0007951-R1-02-3 0007951-R1-00-1