Savannah + Matt | Little Rock, AR Engagements

This is probably the most unique engagement session that we have ever done to date! When Savannah and Matt came to us with this idea – we were automatically in love. They are both tap dancers; and that is a major focus in their relationship. We love that they wanted tap to be the theme for their engagements!

We all agreed that Dreamland Ballroom in Little Rock would be a great setting for this dreamy session. Complete with the original paint and brick, this was absolutely THE perfect setting. They tapped away while we snapped — it was fun to see them in their natural element while we were in ours!

We are so thankful to know these two – we met Savannah at CrossFit, where she and her mom quickly became some of our favorite workout partners! We are still hopeful that Matt will join our CrossFit fam! (hint hint, Matt).

These tappers will tie the knot this coming April at the newly rennovated Robinson Center, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! Until then here are their engagements to tide you over!

-Jaison and Callie

ps- If you want to check out their non-profit tap dance company, Untapped, it is the only non-profit tap dance company  in Arkansas and such an amazing organization!

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