Sydney Parr | NLR Senior

Sydney did a two part session and we are thrilled to be able to finally share both sessions! The top session both Jaison and I photographed and the second session, which is a sports themed session, Jaison photographed (athletic shoots are his specialty). We love both in their own way! We were so excited when Sydney and her mom had a unique idea for her session at D1 in Little Rock. Sydney is an athlete and trains at D1, so we thought that would be the perfect setting to the first half of the athletic portion. Then we wrapped up at NLR’s softball field for some softball styled photos. The first session is more classic and the second session is themed and more modern! We love both sessions and we hope you do as well!

p.s. – isn’t she just gorgeous?! And she will be on homecoming court tomorrow at NLR – good luck Syd!

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