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Kimberly Fitts | UCA Senior | Conway, AR

Kimber is such a sweetheart! During her session she was so comfortable in front of the camera and made my job so easy! She was an absolute joy to work with!

She and I both attended UCA and we were in the same sorority – Alpha Sigma Tau. I have enjoyed getting to know her over the years! And I’m so proud of her as she begins the professional phase of her life! Congratulations on your December graduation from UCA, Kimber!

<3 Thank you for letting me capture your college senior portraits!


Jason Lively | Conway High Senior

We had a blast taking Jason’s senior photos around the Little Rock area. We met his mom through a friend of ours and she has been making me t-shirt blankets for probably over a year now. (She is amazingly talented)! She is actually a photographer herself! We were honored that she asked us to take these, it is always flattering when fellow photographers trust us enough to work on their own projects! Jason is super cool and pretty great at guitar too!

Congrats on graduating Jason! We hope to work with you again in the future!

Jason_Senior-3 Jason_Senior-4 Jason_Senior-5 Jason_Senior-6 Jason_Senior-7 Jason_Senior-10 Jason_Senior-12 Jason_Senior-16 Jason_Senior-17 Jason_Senior-20 Jason_Senior-21 Jason_Senior-24 Jason_Senior-25 Jason_Senior-29 Jason_Senior-30 Jason_Senior-32 Jason_Senior-34 Jason_Senior-36 Jason_Senior-37 Jason_Senior-39 Jason_Senior-41 Jason_Senior-44 Jason_Senior-48 Jason_Senior-50 Jason_Senior-53 Jason_Senior-55 Jason_Senior-56 Jason_Senior-57 Jason_Senior-59 Jason_Senior-67 Jason_Senior-72 Jason_Senior-74 Jason_Senior-75 Jason_Senior-76 Jason_Senior-81 Jason_Senior-84 Jason_Senior-85

Micayla | NLR Senior

Micayla was a ton of fun to work with! She is about to graduate form North Little Rock, where Jaison and I both went to high school. We love getting to work with seniors, they’re always so laid back and up for anything. Check out her session below & GO WILDCATS! Congrats Micayla!

Micaylablog-10 Micaylablog-11 Micaylablog-12 Micaylablog-13 Micaylablog-5 Micaylablog-6 Micaylablog-7 Micaylablog-8Micaylablog-9 Micaylablog-2 Micaylablog-3 Micaylablog-4 Micaylablog

Dalton | North Little Rock Senior

Dalton’s mom contacted us back a few months ago and we had to reschedule once or twice due to rain. We FINALLY got to take his photos on Black Friday! We love that his bow was incorporated in these shots! Those you could tell he was in his element and they really let his personality shine through! We hope you enjoy this NLRHS Senior! Go Wildcats!

-CallieDaltonSenior(HR)-57 DaltonSenior(HR)-53 DaltonSenior(HR)-47 DaltonSenior(HR)-50 DaltonSenior(HR)-45 DaltonSenior(HR)-41 DaltonSenior(HR)-44 DaltonSenior(HR)-36 DaltonSenior(HR)-32 DaltonSenior(HR)-29 DaltonSenior(HR)-28 DaltonSenior(HR)-26 DaltonSenior(HR)-23 DaltonSenior(HR)-24 DaltonSenior(HR)-22 DaltonSenior(HR)-16 DaltonSenior(HR)-14 DaltonSenior(HR)-11 DaltonSenior(HR)-10 DaltonSenior(HR)-3 DaltonSenior(HR)-2

Shun | UCA Senior

Shun is one of the coolest people I know. Seriously. He is such a neat guy! He is friendly to everyone and SO involved on UCA’s campus! I am thankful I got to meet him through the Ambassador program and Student Orientation staff when I was a student at UCA. Shun you will go far, I can already tell! We are blessed to call you our friend.

Lots of love,


ShunSenior(b) ShunSenior(b)-2 ShunSenior(b)-3 ShunSenior(b)-4 ShunSenior(b)-5 ShunSenior(b)-6 ShunSenior(b)-7 ShunSenior(b)-8 ShunSenior(b)-9 ShunSenior(b)-10 ShunSenior(b)-11 ShunSenior(b)-12 ShunSenior(b)-13 ShunSenior(b)-14 ShunSenior(b)-15 ShunSenior(b)-16 ShunSenior(b)-17 ShunSenior(b)-18 ShunSenior(b)-19 ShunSenior(b)-20 ShunSenior(b)-21 ShunSenior(b)-22 ShunSenior(b)-23 ShunSenior(b)-24 ShunSenior(b)-25 ShunSenior(b)-26 ShunSenior(b)-27 ShunSenior(b)-28 ShunSenior(b)-29 ShunSenior(b)-30 ShunSenior(b)-31 ShunSenior(b)-32 ShunSenior(b)-33 ShunSenior(b)-34 ShunSenior(b)-35

Matt Brown | North Little Rock Senior

Matt is the younger brother of our dear friend Allie. When Allie called us about doing Matt’s senior pictures we were thrilled! Matt is a senior at NLR! Go Wildcats! (Jaison and I both graduated from NLRHS as well.) We shot these at a private gun club that Matt is a part of in North Little Rock. The location was beautiful with the river in the background, right before sunset. We hope you enjoy this unique session! You will be seeing more of Matt when we shoot part II of his senior session at the high school. As well as next October when we blog Allie’s wedding! We can not wait to hang out with you and your sister more! The Brown siblings are such sweet amazing people! Love these two!

-Callie MattBrownSenior MattBrownSenior-2 MattBrownSenior-3 MattBrownSenior-4 MattBrownSenior-5 MattBrownSenior-6 MattBrownSenior-7 MattBrownSenior-8 MattBrownSenior-9 MattBrownSenior-10 MattBrownSenior-11 MattBrownSenior-12 MattBrownSenior-13 MattBrownSenior-14 MattBrownSenior-15 MattBrownSenior-16 MattBrownSenior-17 MattBrownSenior-18 MattBrownSenior-19 MattBrownSenior-20 MattBrownSenior-21 MattBrownSenior-22 MattBrownSenior-23 MattBrownSenior-24 MattBrownSenior-25 MattBrownSenior-26 MattBrownSenior-27 MattBrownSenior-28 MattBrownSenior-29 MattBrownSenior-30

Ali Price | UCA Senior

Ali is a senior at UCA and and will be graduating in December! We were so thrilled to work with her! She was referred to us by a few of our sweet mutual friends and we are so glad they sent her our way. Ali was so easy to work with and up for anything during her shoot. She rolled with all our ideas! We were excited to be back at UCA for the day! Ali, we LOVED working with you, gorgeous girl!

Congratulations and best of wishes after graduation! Lots of love!

-The Sterlings
Ali Senior PicsAli Senior Pics-71 Ali Senior Pics-72 Ali Senior Pics-73 Ali Senior Pics-69 Ali Senior Pics-70 Ali Senior Pics-66 Ali Senior Pics-67 Ali Senior Pics-68 Ali Senior Pics-63 Ali Senior Pics-64 Ali Senior Pics-65 Ali Senior Pics-61 Ali Senior Pics-62 Ali Senior Pics-57 Ali Senior Pics-58 Ali Senior Pics-59 Ali Senior Pics-60 Ali Senior Pics-55 Ali Senior Pics-56 Ali Senior Pics-53 Ali Senior Pics-54 Ali Senior Pics-50 Ali Senior Pics-51 Ali Senior Pics-52 Ali Senior Pics-47 Ali Senior Pics-48 Ali Senior Pics-49 Ali Senior Pics-45 Ali Senior Pics-46 Ali Senior Pics-42 Ali Senior Pics-43 Ali Senior Pics-44 Ali Senior Pics-40 Ali Senior Pics-41 Ali Senior Pics-38 Ali Senior Pics-39 Ali Senior Pics-35 Ali Senior Pics-36 Ali Senior Pics-37 Ali Senior Pics-33 Ali Senior Pics-34 Ali Senior Pics-30 Ali Senior Pics-31 Ali Senior Pics-32 Ali Senior Pics-27 Ali Senior Pics-28 Ali Senior Pics-29 Ali Senior Pics-24 Ali Senior Pics-25 Ali Senior Pics-26 Ali Senior Pics-21 Ali Senior Pics-22 Ali Senior Pics-23 Ali Senior Pics-19 Ali Senior Pics-20 Ali Senior Pics-16 Ali Senior Pics-17 Ali Senior Pics-18 Ali Senior Pics-12 Ali Senior Pics-13 Ali Senior Pics-14 Ali Senior Pics-15 Ali Senior Pics-10 Ali Senior Pics-11 Ali Senior Pics-6 Ali Senior Pics-7 Ali Senior Pics-8 Ali Senior Pics-9 Ali Senior Pics-3 Ali Senior Pics-4 Ali Senior Pics-5 Ali Senior Pics-2 Ali Senior Pics