Jason Lively | Conway High Senior

We had a blast taking Jason’s senior photos around the Little Rock area. We met his mom through a friend of ours and she has been making me t-shirt blankets for probably over a year now. (She is amazingly talented)! She is actually a photographer herself! We were honored that she asked us to take these, it is always flattering when fellow photographers trust us enough to work on their own projects! Jason is super cool and pretty great at guitar too!

Congrats on graduating Jason! We hope to work with you again in the future!

Jason_Senior-3 Jason_Senior-4 Jason_Senior-5 Jason_Senior-6 Jason_Senior-7 Jason_Senior-10 Jason_Senior-12 Jason_Senior-16 Jason_Senior-17 Jason_Senior-20 Jason_Senior-21 Jason_Senior-24 Jason_Senior-25 Jason_Senior-29 Jason_Senior-30 Jason_Senior-32 Jason_Senior-34 Jason_Senior-36 Jason_Senior-37 Jason_Senior-39 Jason_Senior-41 Jason_Senior-44 Jason_Senior-48 Jason_Senior-50 Jason_Senior-53 Jason_Senior-55 Jason_Senior-56 Jason_Senior-57 Jason_Senior-59 Jason_Senior-67 Jason_Senior-72 Jason_Senior-74 Jason_Senior-75 Jason_Senior-76 Jason_Senior-81 Jason_Senior-84 Jason_Senior-85

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