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Ashliegh Goff | El Paso Bridal Session

We are so excited that Ashliegh and Cody are married because we have been dying to post these stunning bridals! They tied the knot on Feb. 21 at Anthony Chapel in Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs. We are thrilled to be able to share Ashliegh’s bridals with the world. She made our jobs so so easy! We had a minor mishap with the dress this day but you can’t even tell! We hope this sweet bride and her groom are enjoying every second of their honeymoon right now!

Lots of love,


AshlieghBridals-70 AshlieghBridals-68 AshlieghBridals-65 AshlieghBridals-64 AshlieghBridals-63 AshlieghBridals-62 AshlieghBridals-55 AshlieghBridals-53 AshlieghBridals-52 AshlieghBridals-51 AshlieghBridals-49 AshlieghBridals-47 AshlieghBridals-46 AshlieghBridals-44 AshlieghBridals-43 AshlieghBridals-41 AshlieghBridals-39 AshlieghBridals-38 AshlieghBridals-36 AshlieghBridals-33 AshlieghBridals-28 AshlieghBridals-27 AshlieghBridals-25
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Alpha Sigma Tau Arkansas Tech. | Russellville

When Alpha Sigma Tau Nationals approached me about doing a photo shoot for Alpha Tau in Russellville I was thrilled! As you may know (or may not know) I was an AST at UCA in Conway and now serve as an alumni advisor for the UCA chapter. I love giving back to an organization that has given me so much. I have gained forever friends from Alpha Tau and hope to continue to give back for many years to come. It was awesome getting to hang out with these ladies for the day & seeing what another chapter is like. You ALL are seriously so beautiful and fun!

AST Love & Mine,


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Dustin + Tori | Little Rock Engagements


Dustin has been in my life a looooong time! We grew up with one another and he is probably my longest lasting friend. We will go months without talking but it is the type of friendship where you don’t have to talk everyday but you still have each other’s backs no matter what. He is more like a brother honestly. When I heard he was engaged I was so excited for him! And now that I know Tori, I love her too (maybe more than I like Dustin – just kidding). She is the perfect balance to Dustin, exactly what he needed. And she keeps him in line, which he can be a mess sometimes. Plus she is gorgeous, talk about blonde bombshell!

I am super sad we were booked on their wedding day, not just to photograph it, but just to attend. Dustin was an usher at my wedding a few years back and now I wanted to be there to see him tie the knot! Although I will be photographing another wedding, I will definitely be there in spirit. (I can’t wait to see pics!) I wish you two the best and cheers to many more years of friendship with you both!

ps: aren’t these firefighter shots the cutest?!



DustinTori(b)-2 DustinTori(b)-3 DustinTori(b)-4 DustinTori(b)-5 DustinTori(b)-6 DustinTori(b)-7 DustinTori(b)-8 DustinTori(b)-9 DustinTori(b)-10 DustinTori(b)-11 DustinTori(b)-12 DustinTori(b)-13 DustinTori(b)-14 DustinTori(b)-15 DustinTori(b)-16 DustinTori(b)-17 DustinTori(b)-18 DustinTori(b)-19 DustinTori(b)-20 DustinTori(b)-21 DustinTori(b)-22 DustinTori(b)-23 DustinTori(b)-24 DustinTori(b)-25 DustinTori(b)-26 DustinTori(b)-27 DustinTori(b)-28 DustinTori(b)-29 DustinTori(b)-30 DustinTori(b)-31 DustinTori(b)-32 DustinTori(b)-33 DustinTori(b)

Leeson Wedding | Little Rock

Kasey and Brent are married at last! These two have the cutest little family. I am in love with Braylon’s sweet faces he made throughout the day (soon cute). Remind’s me of Will Smith’s little boy in the Pursuit of Happiness. I have known Kasey since middle school and it is so rewarding to photograph friend’s weddings. I loved seeing so many faces from high school & even middle school. It was one of the happiest days of their lives and I was honored to capture it for them. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos from their day as much as we enjoyed taking them. Cutest kid award goes to Braylon! 😉

Lots of love!


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Katie Chapman | Central Arkansas Christian Senior

We were thrilled to meet Katie at her senior session! Unfortunately we were rained out several times and had to reschedule! When we did meet her though, God outdid himself and the weather was beautiful! Chilly, but beautiful! We loved working with her and her Michael Kors accessories (me especially, haha)! She rocked her session and as a result looked phenomenal! Enjoy this precious girl’s shoot! (Her mom was also super sweet and so complimentary of us, I can’t thank her enough for making my day!)

Lots of love!


SeniorPortraits(b)-64 SeniorPortraits(b)-61 SeniorPortraits(b)-60 SeniorPortraits(b)-59 SeniorPortraits(b)-57 SeniorPortraits(b)-54 SeniorPortraits(b)-51 SeniorPortraits(b)-50 SeniorPortraits(b)-46

SeniorPortraits(b)-37 SeniorPortraits(b)-36 SeniorPortraits(b)-34 SeniorPortraits(b)-31 SeniorPortraits(b)-30 SeniorPortraits(b)-29 SeniorPortraits(b)-28 SeniorPortraits(b)-26 SeniorPortraits(b)-23 SeniorPortraits(b)-19 SeniorPortraits(b)-12 SeniorPortraits(b)-9 SeniorPortraits(b)-5 SeniorPortraits(b)-3 SeniorPortraits(b)

Healey/Schott Family | Little Rock Session

This family session has been in the works for several months! Virgeen and I have been talking about how we could convince her boys to take some photos and I am SO glad she finally won them over! They were all so much fun to hang out with the Saturday after Thanksgiving! They have a little bit of a rivalry going in their family between the Hogs and Mizzou as you will see in the photos! It poured a little salt in the wound to take these photos the day after we lost to Mizzou (just kidding, it was all in good fun!) I am so thankful we got to do this session! I hope her boys aren’t too mad at me for posting the sweet photo of them kissing their mom, it was just too sweet not to share!



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The Wood Family | Little Rock Mini Session

I am thankful that I met Catherine through the UCA Young Alumni Association Board! Her little family is so so cute aren’t they?! Little Natalie smiled like a champ, even though I was certain we would be blown away by the crazy wind! There is only one word to describe this session, PRECIOUS! It was so hard to choose my favorites for this blog post, Natalie looked so sweet in all of them! Enjoy!

p.s. It is just a bonus that Catherine is one of my sorority sisters and I didn’t even know it until recently. I love that Alpha Tau is something I can share with so many incredible women! Feeling blessed!

Lots of love,

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Sam + Kyla | Miss White River Pageant Winners

This was the best shoot! It was chilly, but when you’re photographing two literal BEAUTY queens, your photos are destined to be beautiful. Sam is one of my sweet sorority sisters and also the winner of Miss White River. Kyla, was the winner of the Miss White River Teen Pageant. I was thrilled when Sam asked me to do their fun Christmas shoot! These two were so fun and very easy to work with. These girls are truly the entire package! I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Lots of love,

CallieSamKylaBlog-55 SamKylaBlog-53 SamKylaBlog-54 SamKylaBlog-51 SamKylaBlog-52 SamKylaBlog-49 SamKylaBlog-50 SamKylaBlog-48 SamKylaBlog-45 SamKylaBlog-46 SamKylaBlog-47 SamKylaBlog-43 SamKylaBlog-44 SamKylaBlog-40 SamKylaBlog-41 SamKylaBlog-42 SamKylaBlog-38 SamKylaBlog-39 SamKylaBlog-36 SamKylaBlog-37 SamKylaBlog-34 SamKylaBlog-35 SamKylaBlog-31 SamKylaBlog-32 SamKylaBlog-33 SamKylaBlog-29 SamKylaBlog-30 SamKylaBlog-27 SamKylaBlog-28 SamKylaBlog-24 SamKylaBlog-25 SamKylaBlog-26 SamKylaBlog-20 SamKylaBlog-21 SamKylaBlog-22 SamKylaBlog-23 SamKylaBlog-18 SamKylaBlog-19 SamKylaBlog-16 SamKylaBlog-17 SamKylaBlog-13 SamKylaBlog-14 SamKylaBlog-15 SamKylaBlog-11 SamKylaBlog-12 SamKylaBlog-9 SamKylaBlog-10 SamKylaBlog-7 SamKylaBlog-8 SamKylaBlog-4 SamKylaBlog-5 SamKylaBlog-6 SamKylaBlog-2 SamKylaBlog-3 SamKylaBlog

The Dunkums | Little Rock Mini Session

This was part of our mini session series and we could not have been happier with the way these turned out! This family was so easy to photograph. We met them through NLR basketball and have been so blessed to work with them.They were super laid back and made our jobs so easy! Plus, they are all gorgeous right?! Even their cute little dog, Louie! Check out the Dunkum’s mini session!


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The Taylors | Little Rock Family Session

I was so excited to photograph this family! Courtney is one of my sorority sisters and she also used to work for me when I managed the salon. I have met very few people as precious as Courtney, then I met her whole family and loved them too. They were so hilarious, loving and just plain cute! Jason and Gage look like clones of one another and Courtney and her mom, Amy are without a doubt mother and daughter. I loved sharing laughs with this crew! Be sure to check out their silly Christmas card picture, it is one of my favorites of the day!

Such a fun shoot! Enjoy!


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Tony, Amy & Abi | Little Rock Family Session

I met Amy several years ago while working at the salon and I am so thankful that God placed her in my life. She has been such a mentor and friend to me inside and outside of work! We love taking their family photos and this year Abi had the prettiest dress! Abi has grown so much since she was the flower girl in our wedding a year and a half ago, it is amazing how time flies! She gets prettier and prettier with age. I enjoyed dropping off their photos at their house tonight and playing school with Abi, she is a hoot! And they even brought Allie, their sweet pup!

Enjoy this fall/holiday session! It is a cute one!


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Kasey + Brent | Sherwood, AR Engagement

Kasey and I met many years ago when I was in middle school and she was just starting high school. It is amazing to see where she is today with her sweet family. I am so thankful when old friends look to us for their wedding photography needs! It is such an amazing feeling! Braylon, their son played big role in their engagement pictures too. I was so glad that they included him! If he wasn’t having his picture made, he was making us laugh and providing comic relief. These two will tie the knot at LOFT 1023 on New Year’s Eve! We cannot wait to shoot this wintery wedding!

K Kasey+Brent(b)-3 Kasey+Brent(b)-4 Kasey+Brent(b)-5 Kasey+Brent(b)-6 Kasey+Brent(b)-7 Kasey+Brent(b)-8 Kasey+Brent(b)-9 Kasey+Brent(b)-10 Kasey+Brent(b)-11 Kasey+Brent(b)-12 Kasey+Brent(b)-13 Kasey+Brent(b)-14 Kasey+Brent(b)-15 Kasey+Brent(b)-16 Kasey+Brent(b)-17 Kasey+Brent(b)-18 Kasey+Brent(b)-19 Kasey+Brent(b)-20 Kasey+Brent(b)-21 Kasey+Brent(b)-22 Kasey+Brent(b)-23 Kasey+Brent(b)-24 Kasey+Brent(b)-25 Kasey+Brent(b)-26 Kasey+Brent(b)-27 Kasey+Brent(b)-28 Kasey+Brent(b)-29 Kasey+Brent(b)-30 Kasey+Brent(b)-31 Kasey+Brent(b)-32 Kasey+Brent(b)-33 Kasey+Brent(b)-34 Kasey+Brent(b)-35 Kasey+Brent(b)-36 Kasey+Brent(b)-37 Kasey+Brent(b)-38 Kasey+Brent(b)-39 Kasey+Brent(b)-40 Kasey+Brent(b)-41 Kasey+Brent(b)

Cash Family Portraits

I have known Coach Cash since my football playing days at CAC. Over the past year I have ran into him a couple times at different weddings Callie and I have been working and it is always a joy to see him and his family! I was really excited when his wife won a free session from one of our previous drawings. It was such a pleasure getting to take their family portraits!

Enjoy the photos!!

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The Watson Family | Fall Portraits

I have known Brooke since I started working at the salon in 2008. She actually hired me back in the day (haha)! I was so excited when she told me she wanted to have photos taken. I knew how cute her family was and knew they would make for the cutest pictures! Her kiddos Maddie and Cade are so sweet and went along with all of the ideas we had, (even if one of them included tying Maddie up with Christmas lights.) Josh & Brooke, you sure do have a beautiful family. Jaison & I had a fun time laughing with you guys!

<3 Callie

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