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Austin Blair | North Little Rock Senior

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to take photos of Austin during the North Little Rock football games. It has been awesome getting to watch him, and all the other players, play football over the past two years. I was thrilled when he asked me to take his senior photos! Austin has committed to play football for Louisiana Monroe next season. Callie & and I wish you the best during your college career!

Enjoy his senior photos!


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Katie Chapman | Central Arkansas Christian Senior

We were thrilled to meet Katie at her senior session! Unfortunately we were rained out several times and had to reschedule! When we did meet her though, God outdid himself and the weather was beautiful! Chilly, but beautiful! We loved working with her and her Michael Kors accessories (me especially, haha)! She rocked her session and as a result looked phenomenal! Enjoy this precious girl’s shoot! (Her mom was also super sweet and so complimentary of us, I can’t thank her enough for making my day!)

Lots of love!


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NLR Basketball Photoshoot 2014/2015 Season

It’s officially basketball season!! I was lucky enough to do another photoshoot with the NLR Basketball team this year!! I tried a bit of a different approach with the lighting scheme this year and they all turned out wonderfully!! Can’t wait to cover the games this season!!


If you would like buy prints you can do so via our gallery,


North Little Rock Football 2014

I am a bit late in posting these photos and for that I apologize. I have to start by saying thank you to the NLR Times for letting me cover all of the NLR Football games!! These past two seasons have been an awesome experience, not only in becoming a better sports photographer but meeting so many wonderful people! It has been an honor to get to work so closely with a program I was once a part of. Coach Bolding and all the other assistants are doing amazing things with this program!! Lastly, thank you to all the players, fans, coaches, parents, and cheerleaders who make this job so memorable! Looking forward to next season!
I have picked out some of my favorites from the season! If anyone would like buy prints you may do so via our online gallery.



NLRFootball2014 NLRFootball2014-2 NLRFootball2014-3 NLRFootball2014-4 NLRFootball2014-5 NLRFootball2014-6 NLRFootball2014-7 NLRFootball2014-8 NLRFootball2014-9 NLRFootball2014-10 NLRFootball2014-11 NLRFootball2014-12 NLRFootball2014-13 NLRFootball2014-14 NLRFootball2014-15 NLRFootball2014-16 NLRFootball2014-17 NLRFootball2014-18 NLRFootball2014-19 NLRFootball2014-20 NLRFootball2014-21 NLRFootball2014-22 NLRFootball2014-23 NLRFootball2014-24 NLRFootball2014-25 NLRFootball2014-26 NLRFootball2014-27 NLRFootball2014-28 NLRFootball2014-29 NLRFootball2014-30 NLRFootball2014-31 NLRFootball2014-32 NLRFootball2014-33 NLRFootball2014-34 NLRFootball2014-35 NLRFootball2014-36 NLRFootball2014-37 NLRFootball2014-38 NLRFootball2014-39 NLRFootball2014-40 NLRFootball2014-41 NLRFootball2014-42 NLRFootball2014-43 NLRFootball2014-44 NLRFootball2014-45 NLRFootball2014-46 NLRFootball2014-47 NLRFootball2014-48 NLRFootball2014-49 NLRFootball2014-50 NLRFootball2014-51 NLRFootball2014-52 NLRFootball2014-53 NLRFootball2014-54 NLRFootball2014-55 NLRFootball2014-56 NLRFootball2014-57 NLRFootball2014-58 NLRFootball2014-59 NLRFootball2014-60 NLRFootball2014-61 NLRFootball2014-62 NLRFootball2014-63 NLRFootball2014-64 NLRFootball2014-65 NLRFootball2014-66 NLRFootball2014-67 NLRFootball2014-68 NLRFootball2014-69 NLRFootball2014-70 NLRFootball2014-71 NLRFootball2014-72 NLRFootball2014-73 NLRFootball2014-74 NLRFootball2014-75 NLRFootball2014-76 NLRFootball2014-77 NLRFootball2014-78 NLRFootball2014-79 NLRFootball2014-80 NLRFootball2014-81 NLRFootball2014-82 NLRFootball2014-83 NLRFootball2014-84 NLRFootball2014-85 NLRFootball2014-86 NLRFootball2014-87 NLRFootball2014-88 NLRFootball2014-89 NLRFootball2014-90 NLRFootball2014-91 NLRFootball2014-92 NLRFootball2014-93 NLRFootball2014-94 NLRFootball2014-95 NLRFootball2014-96 NLRFootball2014-97 NLRFootball2014-98 NLRFootball2014-99 NLRFootball2014-100 NLRFootball2014-101 NLRFootball2014-102 NLRFootball2014-103 NLRFootball2014-104 NLRFootball2014-105 NLRFootball2014-106 NLRFootball2014-107 NLRFootball2014-108 NLRFootball2014-109 NLRFootball2014-110 NLRFootball2014-111 NLRFootball2014-112 NLRFootball2014-113 NLRFootball2014-114 NLRFootball2014-115 NLRFootball2014-116 NLRFootball2014-117 NLRFootball2014-118 NLRFootball2014-119 NLRFootball2014-120 NLRFootball2014-121 NLRFootball2014-122 NLRFootball2014-123 NLRFootball2014-124 NLRFootball2014-125 NLRFootball2014-126 NLRFootball2014-127 NLRFootball2014-128 NLRFootball2014-129 NLRFootball2014-130 NLRFootball2014-131 NLRFootball2014-132 NLRFootball2014-133 NLRFootball2014-134 NLRFootball2014-135 NLRFootball2014-136 NLRFootball2014-137 NLRFootball2014-138 NLRFootball2014-139 NLRFootball2014-140 NLRFootball2014-141

Dalton | North Little Rock Senior

Dalton’s mom contacted us back a few months ago and we had to reschedule once or twice due to rain. We FINALLY got to take his photos on Black Friday! We love that his bow was incorporated in these shots! Those you could tell he was in his element and they really let his personality shine through! We hope you enjoy this NLRHS Senior! Go Wildcats!

-CallieDaltonSenior(HR)-57 DaltonSenior(HR)-53 DaltonSenior(HR)-47 DaltonSenior(HR)-50 DaltonSenior(HR)-45 DaltonSenior(HR)-41 DaltonSenior(HR)-44 DaltonSenior(HR)-36 DaltonSenior(HR)-32 DaltonSenior(HR)-29 DaltonSenior(HR)-28 DaltonSenior(HR)-26 DaltonSenior(HR)-23 DaltonSenior(HR)-24 DaltonSenior(HR)-22 DaltonSenior(HR)-16 DaltonSenior(HR)-14 DaltonSenior(HR)-11 DaltonSenior(HR)-10 DaltonSenior(HR)-3 DaltonSenior(HR)-2

Preston | North Little Rock Senior

We met Preston when he helped us move from Conway to North Little Rock! We were SO thankful for his help! He is super friendly and we were thrilled to take his photos when he asked! Jay shot this session on his own while I was shooting another session and I really like the location choice that Preston had in mind! We hope y’all enjoy!

PrestonSenior-66 PrestonSenior-71 PrestonSenior-63 PrestonSenior-64 PrestonSenior-54 PrestonSenior-56 PrestonSenior-61 PrestonSenior-51 PrestonSenior-53 PrestonSenior-46 PrestonSenior-48 PrestonSenior-36 PrestonSenior-41 PrestonSenior-44 PrestonSenior-32 PrestonSenior-34 PrestonSenior-35 PrestonSenior-21 PrestonSenior-23 PrestonSenior-16 PrestonSenior-18 PrestonSenior-19 PrestonSenior-10 PrestonSenior-13 PrestonSenior-15 PrestonSenior-5 PrestonSenior-7 PrestonSenior-2 PrestonSenior-3

The Dunkums | Little Rock Mini Session

This was part of our mini session series and we could not have been happier with the way these turned out! This family was so easy to photograph. We met them through NLR basketball and have been so blessed to work with them.They were super laid back and made our jobs so easy! Plus, they are all gorgeous right?! Even their cute little dog, Louie! Check out the Dunkum’s mini session!


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Matt Brown | North Little Rock Senior

Matt is the younger brother of our dear friend Allie. When Allie called us about doing Matt’s senior pictures we were thrilled! Matt is a senior at NLR! Go Wildcats! (Jaison and I both graduated from NLRHS as well.) We shot these at a private gun club that Matt is a part of in North Little Rock. The location was beautiful with the river in the background, right before sunset. We hope you enjoy this unique session! You will be seeing more of Matt when we shoot part II of his senior session at the high school. As well as next October when we blog Allie’s wedding! We can not wait to hang out with you and your sister more! The Brown siblings are such sweet amazing people! Love these two!

-Callie MattBrownSenior MattBrownSenior-2 MattBrownSenior-3 MattBrownSenior-4 MattBrownSenior-5 MattBrownSenior-6 MattBrownSenior-7 MattBrownSenior-8 MattBrownSenior-9 MattBrownSenior-10 MattBrownSenior-11 MattBrownSenior-12 MattBrownSenior-13 MattBrownSenior-14 MattBrownSenior-15 MattBrownSenior-16 MattBrownSenior-17 MattBrownSenior-18 MattBrownSenior-19 MattBrownSenior-20 MattBrownSenior-21 MattBrownSenior-22 MattBrownSenior-23 MattBrownSenior-24 MattBrownSenior-25 MattBrownSenior-26 MattBrownSenior-27 MattBrownSenior-28 MattBrownSenior-29 MattBrownSenior-30

McKenzie Gosser | NLR High School Senior

McKenzie is back on the blog! This is the second time we have been able to shoot her pics and each time she amazes me.

This time we did her senior portraits and we could not be happier with this session.  She is so comfortable in her own skin & it shows! I don’t even have to position her in flattering poses, she just knows. She is a photographer’s dream!

We just love you, McKenzie!

We hope to work with you for many many years to come! xoxo


McKenzie Senior McKenzie Senior-86 McKenzie Senior-82 McKenzie Senior-83 McKenzie Senior-84 McKenzie Senior-79 McKenzie Senior-80 McKenzie Senior-81 McKenzie Senior-74 McKenzie Senior-75 McKenzie Senior-76 McKenzie Senior-77 McKenzie Senior-78 McKenzie Senior-71 McKenzie Senior-72 McKenzie Senior-73 McKenzie Senior-68 McKenzie Senior-69 McKenzie Senior-70 McKenzie Senior-64 McKenzie Senior-65 McKenzie Senior-66 McKenzie Senior-67 McKenzie Senior-60 McKenzie Senior-61 McKenzie Senior-62 McKenzie Senior-63 McKenzie Senior-57 McKenzie Senior-58 McKenzie Senior-59 McKenzie Senior-53 McKenzie Senior-54 McKenzie Senior-55 McKenzie Senior-56 McKenzie Senior-50 McKenzie Senior-51 McKenzie Senior-52 McKenzie Senior-46 McKenzie Senior-47 McKenzie Senior-48 McKenzie Senior-49 McKenzie Senior-43 McKenzie Senior-44 McKenzie Senior-45 McKenzie Senior-40 McKenzie Senior-41 McKenzie Senior-42 McKenzie Senior-37 McKenzie Senior-38 McKenzie Senior-39 McKenzie Senior-34 McKenzie Senior-35 McKenzie Senior-36 McKenzie Senior-31 McKenzie Senior-32 McKenzie Senior-33 McKenzie Senior-29 McKenzie Senior-30 McKenzie Senior-26 McKenzie Senior-27 McKenzie Senior-28 McKenzie Senior-23 McKenzie Senior-24 McKenzie Senior-25 McKenzie Senior-19 McKenzie Senior-20 McKenzie Senior-21 McKenzie Senior-22 McKenzie Senior-16 McKenzie Senior-17 McKenzie Senior-18 McKenzie Senior-12 McKenzie Senior-13 McKenzie Senior-14 McKenzie Senior-15 McKenzie Senior-10 McKenzie Senior-11 McKenzie Senior-5 McKenzie Senior-6 McKenzie Senior-7 McKenzie Senior-8 McKenzie Senior-9 McKenzie Senior-3 McKenzie Senior-4 McKenzie Senior-2 McKenzie Senior

Destiny & Bryson

Destiny and Bryson are the cutest! For those of you who didn’t know, Destiny is also SUPERMOM! She is married but her husband, Buck, is deployed with the military. While Buck has been away Destiny has not only been playing mom + dad but she is also in college! I admire her drive and her never-ending love for her family. These photos also have a little piece of Buck in them, Bryson’s “daddy-doll”. This is a doll that the military gave their family to help Bryson cope with his dad being gone. A sweet photo of Buck is tucked away in a pocket on the doll. If this session doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will?! Love this girl and her family!

destinyBryson(i)-2 destinyBryson(i)-6 destinyBryson(i)-8 destinyBryson(i)-9 destinyBryson(i)-10 destinyBryson(i)-11 destinyBryson(i)-12 destinyBryson(i)-15 destinyBryson(i)-16 destinyBryson(i)-17 destinyBryson(i)-19 destinyBryson(i)-21 destinyBryson(i)-23 destinyBryson(i)-27 destinyBryson(i)-29 destinyBryson(i)-31 destinyBryson(i)-32 destinyBryson(i)-33 destinyBryson(i)-38 destinyBryson(i)-41 destinyBryson(i)-42 destinyBryson(i)-44 destinyBryson(i)-46 destinyBryson(i)-49 destinyBryson(i)-51 destinyBryson(i)-54 destinyBryson(i)-55 destinyBryson(i)-68 destinyBryson(i)-70 destinyBryson(i)-73 destinyBryson(i)-76 destinyBryson(i)-77 destinyBryson(i)-79 destinyBryson(i)-81 destinyBryson(i)-83 destinyBryson(i)-84 destinyBryson(i)-85 destinyBryson(i)-92 destinyBryson(i)-98

Sarah & James | Dickey-Stephens Park Engagement

Sarah and James had the idea to use Dickey-Stephens Park for their photos since James is a coach & huge baseball fan! We of course loved the idea! We also used one of our favorite Little Rock walking bridges in downtown LR. It’s always fun photographing friends! I have known Sarah since 2011 when I began managing the Maumelle location of Advanced SunSystems, where she worked! We can’t wait to shoot her bridals and their wedding! Enjoy this gorgeous couple!

SarahJames(i) SarahJames(i)-4 SarahJames(i)-6 SarahJames(i)-7 SarahJames(i)-12 SarahJames(i)-15 SarahJames(i)-17 SarahJames(i)-19 SarahJames(i)-22 SarahJames(i)-24 SarahJames(i)-29 SarahJames(i)-30 SarahJames(i)-33 SarahJames(i)-37 SarahJames(i)-39 SarahJames(i)-45 SarahJames(i)-47 SarahJames(i)-59 SarahJames(i)-61 SarahJames(i)-65 SarahJames(i)-69 SarahJames(i)-71 SarahJames(i)-76 SarahJames(i)-77 SarahJames(i)-78 SarahJames(i)-79 SarahJames(i)-82 SarahJames(i)-84 SarahJames(i)-87 SarahJames(i)-90 SarahJames(i)-94 SarahJames(i)-97 SarahJames(i)-99 SarahJames(i)-102 SarahJames(i)-104 SarahJames(i)-106

Deon | North Little Rock Senior

This past summer Callie and I moved from Conway to N. Little Rock. Deon, who plays on the NLR football team was one of the players who helped us make the move! We are very thankful for all his help! In exchange for helping us move we told Deon we would take his senior photos. We hope everyone likes his photos as much as we do!


P.S. Good luck to the NLR Charging Wildcats this season!!! Also, part of his session was shot on black and white film!

DeonSenior-2 DeonSenior DeonSenior-3 DeonSenior-4 DeonSenior-5 DeonSenior-6 DeonSenior-7 DeonSenior-8 DeonSenior-9 DeonSenior-10 DeonSenior-11 DeonSenior-12 DeonSenior-13 DeonSenior-14 DeonSenior-15 DeonSenior-16 DeonSenior-17 DeonSenior-18 DeonSenior-19 DeonSenior-20 DeonSenior-21 DeonSenior-22 DeonSenior-23 DeonSenior-24 DeonSenior-25 DeonSenior-26 DeonSenior-27 DeonSenior-28