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Allie Lillibridge | Maumelle Bridals

I am finally catching up on blogging after an amazing week at the beach! A much needed pre-busy season vacation. Now we are in full work mode and ready to shoot some amazing weddings this year! With seven under our belt for 2015 already, I know this year is going to fly by!

It already feels like we took these ages ago, although it wasn’t really that long ago! We love this simple beautiful country spot in Maumelle for bridals. I actually took my bridals at this exact spot and loved it so much I wanted to come back! Allie and her beautiful dress couldn’t have complimented the location better! We LOVED hanging out with her and mom, even though it was FREEZING! We were all pretty chilly but Allie looks so natural and gorgeous you can’t even tell she was cold. A few weeks later we shot her wedding to Richard and it will be coming to the blog soon!

For now, enjoy this sweet bride and her bridals!



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Katie Chapman | Central Arkansas Christian Senior

We were thrilled to meet Katie at her senior session! Unfortunately we were rained out several times and had to reschedule! When we did meet her though, God outdid himself and the weather was beautiful! Chilly, but beautiful! We loved working with her and her Michael Kors accessories (me especially, haha)! She rocked her session and as a result looked phenomenal! Enjoy this precious girl’s shoot! (Her mom was also super sweet and so complimentary of us, I can’t thank her enough for making my day!)

Lots of love!


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Nicki & Jordan | Maumelle Wedding

Nicki is one of my best friend’a sisters & we have gotten the chance to get closer with Nicki & Jordan through Abbey! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! And Jordan, he is a hoot & so much fun to be around. We truly had a blast with you guys. From the beer canoe to the beauty of your ceremony, everything was perfect. It was out first time to shoot at Park on the River in Maumelle & we loved it! & we love you & your family! xoxo!
-Callie & Jaison
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Cash Family Portraits

I have known Coach Cash since my football playing days at CAC. Over the past year I have ran into him a couple times at different weddings Callie and I have been working and it is always a joy to see him and his family! I was really excited when his wife won a free session from one of our previous drawings. It was such a pleasure getting to take their family portraits!

Enjoy the photos!!

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