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Groomsday | Gift Ideas

Many grooms struggle with ideas for their groomsmen gifts — groomsday has a really awesome collection for gift ideas and we are so excited to share this line with you all!

The cooler is such a great idea and something that your guys will continually use! Think a day on the lake, at the beach, pool, or even on a short hike. This cooler is ROOMY! We filled it almost half full with 5 bottles to test it out and look how much room is left! And the coolest part to me – it has its own bottle opener! We really loved the green color. It is also offered in navy! This is something event the ladies can enjoy!

My husband ordered this dopp kit in black – which also comes in multiple colors. It will be perfect and something he will use every time we travel. The monogramming adds a personalized touch that I think adds just a little bit of a unique factor.

To top it off the company was really great to work with, had a very fast shipping turnaround and the items truly are good quality products that will last.

They even have a women’s line! Check out their awesome products – from glasses to overnight bags, we really love this line!

<3 The Sterlings

Lacy Flurry | UCA Senior

Lacy is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I sincerely mean that. She is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is always telling me how she looks up to me but the truth is I look up to her (literally also – but that’s not what I mean, haha). If you can’t tell from these photos, she is so so involved on UCA’s campus! Check out all of those awards!!! She was an Alpha Tau, homecoming queen, on Who’s Who, Alpha Tau Sister of the Year, AST’s Hardest Worker, AST’s Top Tau, on SOS, Sig Ep Sweetheart of the Year, Greek Goddess, Bear Den Exec and more!! She is so deserving of all of those titles and truly is one of the hardest working people I know! I am blessed to call her my friend, sister and now a fellow UCA alum. I know anything Lacy does in the future – she is going to rock it! Love you sweet girl! Here are my favorites from her senior session!

p.s. She pretty much has the best unique style ever!


LacySenior(b)-8 LacySenior(b)-9 LacySenior(b)-11 LacySenior(b)-13 LacySenior(b)-16 LacySenior(b)-19 LacySenior(b)-20 LacySenior(b)-22 LacySenior(b)-23 LacySenior(b)-26 LacySenior(b)-28 LacySenior(b)-32 LacySenior(b)-35 LacySenior(b)-38 LacySenior(b)-39 LacySenior(b)-42 LacySenior(b)-43 LacySenior(b)-44 LacySenior(b)-45 LacySenior(b)-49 LacySenior(b)-52 LacySenior(b)-55 LacySenior(b)-58 LacySenior(b)-59 LacySenior(b)-60 LacySenior(b)-63 LacySenior(b)-64 LacySenior(b)-67 LacySenior(b)-69 LacySenior(b)-73 LacySenior(b)-75 LacySenior(b)-77 LacySenior(b)-81 LacySenior(b)-82 LacySenior(b)-83 LacySenior(b)-90 LacySenior(b)-94 LacySenior(b)-95

Dee Ingram | UCA Senior

Dee is the cutest thing ever! Her UCA themed senior session was such a blast! We took her brother’s senior pictures back in the fall and this time we had the privilege of working with this sweet girl! Congrats Dee on your upcoming graduation! & GO BEARS!

DeeBlog-17 DeeBlog-18 DeeBlog-19 DeeBlog-20 DeeBlog-14 DeeBlog-15 DeeBlog-16 DeeBlog-12 DeeBlog-13 DeeBlog-8 DeeBlog-9 DeeBlog-10 DeeBlog-11 DeeBlog-5 DeeBlog-6 DeeBlog-7 DeeBlog-3 DeeBlog-4 DeeBlog-2 DeeBlog

Alpha Sigma Tau Arkansas Tech. | Russellville

When Alpha Sigma Tau Nationals approached me about doing a photo shoot for Alpha Tau in Russellville I was thrilled! As you may know (or may not know) I was an AST at UCA in Conway and now serve as an alumni advisor for the UCA chapter. I love giving back to an organization that has given me so much. I have gained forever friends from Alpha Tau and hope to continue to give back for many years to come. It was awesome getting to hang out with these ladies for the day & seeing what another chapter is like. You ALL are seriously so beautiful and fun!

AST Love & Mine,


AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-72 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-71 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-68 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-67 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-65 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-64 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-60 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-57 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-55 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-52 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-51 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-50 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-49 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-48 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-44AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-45AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-43 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-41 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-39 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-38 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-37 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-31 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-30 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-26 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-24 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-21 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-20 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-18 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-17 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-16 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-15AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-11AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-13AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-10 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-9 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-8 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-7 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)-5 AlphaSigmaTau_ArTech2015(blog)

Vanessa + Austin | Conway Couple

Eeeeek! Can we just first say we are obsessed with their cute dogs?! These pups are super friendly and of course adorable! We have puppy fever! (Okay, maybe just me!) Vanessa and Austin were troopers because the day that we did their shoot it was FREEZING! You can’t even tell though right?! Enjoy this sweet and simple cute shoot that we did in Conway. We loved working with these two!

Lots of love,


VanessaAustin(i)-2 VanessaAustin(i)-7 VanessaAustin(i)-10 VanessaAustin(i)-13 VanessaAustin(i)-18 VanessaAustin(i)-22 VanessaAustin(i)-25 VanessaAustin(i)-28 VanessaAustin(i)-33 VanessaAustin(i)-36 VanessaAustin(i)-38 VanessaAustin(i)-50 VanessaAustin(i)-53 VanessaAustin(i)-55 VanessaAustin(i)-56 VanessaAustin(i)-59 VanessaAustin(i)-62 VanessaAustin(i)-65 VanessaAustin(i)-66 VanessaAustin(i)-70 VanessaAustin(i)-74 VanessaAustin(i)-76 VanessaAustin(i)-81 VanessaAustin(i)-89

Brandi + John Keith | Conway, AR Wedding

The Keiths are finally on the blog! We have been patiently waiting to finish editing this wedding and we may have even taken a break from our Disney vacation to complete these because we didn’t want to keep them waiting! We didn’t mind at all though because this couple is adorable! Brandi and John tied the knot on October 25th at the Hendrix chapel in Conway. Their reception was held at the Old Gin, also in Conway. Their “first dance” was probably our favorite of all time. It was super fun and cute! Enjoy this sweet couple’s wedding photos, these are our favorites from their big day!

Lots of love for these two!


BlogKeithWedding BlogKeithWedding-2 BlogKeithWedding-3 BlogKeithWedding-4 BlogKeithWedding-5 BlogKeithWedding-6 BlogKeithWedding-7 BlogKeithWedding-8 BlogKeithWedding-9 BlogKeithWedding-10 BlogKeithWedding-11 BlogKeithWedding-12 BlogKeithWedding-13 BlogKeithWedding-14 BlogKeithWedding-15 BlogKeithWedding-16 BlogKeithWedding-17 BlogKeithWedding-18 BlogKeithWedding-19 BlogKeithWedding-20 BlogKeithWedding-21 BlogKeithWedding-22 BlogKeithWedding-23 BlogKeithWedding-24 BlogKeithWedding-25 BlogKeithWedding-26 BlogKeithWedding-27 BlogKeithWedding-28 BlogKeithWedding-29 BlogKeithWedding-30 BlogKeithWedding-31 BlogKeithWedding-32 BlogKeithWedding-33 BlogKeithWedding-34 BlogKeithWedding-35 BlogKeithWedding-36 BlogKeithWedding-37 BlogKeithWedding-38 BlogKeithWedding-39 BlogKeithWedding-40 BlogKeithWedding-41 BlogKeithWedding-42 BlogKeithWedding-43 BlogKeithWedding-44 BlogKeithWedding-45 BlogKeithWedding-46 BlogKeithWedding-47 BlogKeithWedding-48 BlogKeithWedding-49 BlogKeithWedding-50 BlogKeithWedding-51 BlogKeithWedding-52 BlogKeithWedding-53 BlogKeithWedding-54 BlogKeithWedding-55 BlogKeithWedding-56 BlogKeithWedding-57 BlogKeithWedding-58 BlogKeithWedding-59 BlogKeithWedding-60 BlogKeithWedding-61 BlogKeithWedding-62 BlogKeithWedding-63 BlogKeithWedding-64 BlogKeithWedding-65 BlogKeithWedding-66 BlogKeithWedding-67 BlogKeithWedding-68 BlogKeithWedding-69 BlogKeithWedding-70 BlogKeithWedding-71 BlogKeithWedding-72 BlogKeithWedding-73 BlogKeithWedding-74 BlogKeithWedding-75 BlogKeithWedding-76 BlogKeithWedding-77 BlogKeithWedding-78 BlogKeithWedding-79 BlogKeithWedding-80 BlogKeithWedding-81 BlogKeithWedding-82 BlogKeithWedding-83 BlogKeithWedding-84 BlogKeithWedding-85 BlogKeithWedding-86 BlogKeithWedding-87 BlogKeithWedding-88 BlogKeithWedding-89 BlogKeithWedding-90 BlogKeithWedding-91 BlogKeithWedding-92 BlogKeithWedding-93 BlogKeithWedding-94 BlogKeithWedding-95 BlogKeithWedding-96 BlogKeithWedding-97 BlogKeithWedding-98 BlogKeithWedding-99 BlogKeithWedding-100 BlogKeithWedding-101 BlogKeithWedding-102 BlogKeithWedding-103 BlogKeithWedding-104 BlogKeithWedding-105 BlogKeithWedding-106 BlogKeithWedding-107 BlogKeithWedding-108 BlogKeithWedding-109 BlogKeithWedding-110 BlogKeithWedding-111 BlogKeithWedding-112 BlogKeithWedding-113 BlogKeithWedding-114 BlogKeithWedding-115 BlogKeithWedding-116 BlogKeithWedding-117 BlogKeithWedding-118 BlogKeithWedding-119 BlogKeithWedding-120 BlogKeithWedding-121 BlogKeithWedding-122 BlogKeithWedding-123 BlogKeithWedding-124 BlogKeithWedding-125 BlogKeithWedding-126 BlogKeithWedding-127 BlogKeithWedding-128 BlogKeithWedding-129 BlogKeithWedding-130 BlogKeithWedding-131 BlogKeithWedding-132 BlogKeithWedding-133 BlogKeithWedding-134 BlogKeithWedding-135 BlogKeithWedding-136 BlogKeithWedding-137 BlogKeithWedding-138 BlogKeithWedding-139 BlogKeithWedding-140 BlogKeithWedding-141 BlogKeithWedding-142 BlogKeithWedding-143 BlogKeithWedding-144 BlogKeithWedding-145 BlogKeithWedding-146 BlogKeithWedding-147 BlogKeithWedding-148 BlogKeithWedding-149 BlogKeithWedding-150 BlogKeithWedding-151 BlogKeithWedding-152 BlogKeithWedding-153 BlogKeithWedding-154 BlogKeithWedding-155 BlogKeithWedding-156 BlogKeithWedding-157 BlogKeithWedding-158 BlogKeithWedding-159 BlogKeithWedding-160 BlogKeithWedding-161 BlogKeithWedding-162 BlogKeithWedding-163 BlogKeithWedding-164 BlogKeithWedding-165 BlogKeithWedding-166 BlogKeithWedding-167 BlogKeithWedding-168 BlogKeithWedding-169 BlogKeithWedding-170 BlogKeithWedding-171 BlogKeithWedding-172 BlogKeithWedding-173 BlogKeithWedding-174 BlogKeithWedding-175 BlogKeithWedding-176 BlogKeithWedding-177 BlogKeithWedding-178 BlogKeithWedding-179 BlogKeithWedding-180 BlogKeithWedding-181 BlogKeithWedding-182 BlogKeithWedding-183 BlogKeithWedding-184 BlogKeithWedding-185 BlogKeithWedding-186 BlogKeithWedding-187 BlogKeithWedding-188 BlogKeithWedding-189 BlogKeithWedding-190 BlogKeithWedding-191 BlogKeithWedding-192 BlogKeithWedding-193 BlogKeithWedding-194 BlogKeithWedding-195 BlogKeithWedding-196 BlogKeithWedding-197 BlogKeithWedding-198 BlogKeithWedding-199 BlogKeithWedding-200 BlogKeithWedding-201 BlogKeithWedding-202 BlogKeithWedding-203 BlogKeithWedding-204 BlogKeithWedding-205 BlogKeithWedding-206 BlogKeithWedding-207 BlogKeithWedding-208 BlogKeithWedding-209 BlogKeithWedding-210

The Henry Family | Conway, AR


Oh my gosh! This family is SOOO stinking’ cute! I can’t even contain it! Ha! I shot this sweet family session at Hendrix last week and it was so amazing! The weather at first glance was super nasty and felt like it could rain at any minute but it ended up being perfect for lighting. There were no bad shadows and no harsh light in anyone’s face. I did a mixture of a Christmas family session + Anna Kate’s 6 months photos! I finally got to use my cute cupcake and lollypop props! Enjoy this precious session!

p.s. – Little Cooper, thank you for being my assistant for the day and telling your mom how to stand/pose! He was the biggest help I could’ve ever asked for (and such a cutie!) Check out his funny faces, we had fun!


Blog-2 Blog-3 Blog-4 Blog-5 Blog-6 Blog-7 Blog-8 Blog-9 Blog-10 Blog-11 Blog-12 Blog-13 Blog-14 Blog-15 Blog-16 Blog-17 Blog-18 Blog-19 Blog-20 Blog-21 Blog-22 Blog-23 Blog-24 Blog-25 Blog-26 Blog-27 Blog-28 Blog-29 Blog-30 Blog-31 Blog-32 Blog-33 Blog-34 Blog-35 Blog-36 Blog-37 Blog-38 Blog-39 Blog

Shun | UCA Senior

Shun is one of the coolest people I know. Seriously. He is such a neat guy! He is friendly to everyone and SO involved on UCA’s campus! I am thankful I got to meet him through the Ambassador program and Student Orientation staff when I was a student at UCA. Shun you will go far, I can already tell! We are blessed to call you our friend.

Lots of love,


ShunSenior(b) ShunSenior(b)-2 ShunSenior(b)-3 ShunSenior(b)-4 ShunSenior(b)-5 ShunSenior(b)-6 ShunSenior(b)-7 ShunSenior(b)-8 ShunSenior(b)-9 ShunSenior(b)-10 ShunSenior(b)-11 ShunSenior(b)-12 ShunSenior(b)-13 ShunSenior(b)-14 ShunSenior(b)-15 ShunSenior(b)-16 ShunSenior(b)-17 ShunSenior(b)-18 ShunSenior(b)-19 ShunSenior(b)-20 ShunSenior(b)-21 ShunSenior(b)-22 ShunSenior(b)-23 ShunSenior(b)-24 ShunSenior(b)-25 ShunSenior(b)-26 ShunSenior(b)-27 ShunSenior(b)-28 ShunSenior(b)-29 ShunSenior(b)-30 ShunSenior(b)-31 ShunSenior(b)-32 ShunSenior(b)-33 ShunSenior(b)-34 ShunSenior(b)-35

Ali Price | UCA Senior

Ali is a senior at UCA and and will be graduating in December! We were so thrilled to work with her! She was referred to us by a few of our sweet mutual friends and we are so glad they sent her our way. Ali was so easy to work with and up for anything during her shoot. She rolled with all our ideas! We were excited to be back at UCA for the day! Ali, we LOVED working with you, gorgeous girl!

Congratulations and best of wishes after graduation! Lots of love!

-The Sterlings
Ali Senior PicsAli Senior Pics-71 Ali Senior Pics-72 Ali Senior Pics-73 Ali Senior Pics-69 Ali Senior Pics-70 Ali Senior Pics-66 Ali Senior Pics-67 Ali Senior Pics-68 Ali Senior Pics-63 Ali Senior Pics-64 Ali Senior Pics-65 Ali Senior Pics-61 Ali Senior Pics-62 Ali Senior Pics-57 Ali Senior Pics-58 Ali Senior Pics-59 Ali Senior Pics-60 Ali Senior Pics-55 Ali Senior Pics-56 Ali Senior Pics-53 Ali Senior Pics-54 Ali Senior Pics-50 Ali Senior Pics-51 Ali Senior Pics-52 Ali Senior Pics-47 Ali Senior Pics-48 Ali Senior Pics-49 Ali Senior Pics-45 Ali Senior Pics-46 Ali Senior Pics-42 Ali Senior Pics-43 Ali Senior Pics-44 Ali Senior Pics-40 Ali Senior Pics-41 Ali Senior Pics-38 Ali Senior Pics-39 Ali Senior Pics-35 Ali Senior Pics-36 Ali Senior Pics-37 Ali Senior Pics-33 Ali Senior Pics-34 Ali Senior Pics-30 Ali Senior Pics-31 Ali Senior Pics-32 Ali Senior Pics-27 Ali Senior Pics-28 Ali Senior Pics-29 Ali Senior Pics-24 Ali Senior Pics-25 Ali Senior Pics-26 Ali Senior Pics-21 Ali Senior Pics-22 Ali Senior Pics-23 Ali Senior Pics-19 Ali Senior Pics-20 Ali Senior Pics-16 Ali Senior Pics-17 Ali Senior Pics-18 Ali Senior Pics-12 Ali Senior Pics-13 Ali Senior Pics-14 Ali Senior Pics-15 Ali Senior Pics-10 Ali Senior Pics-11 Ali Senior Pics-6 Ali Senior Pics-7 Ali Senior Pics-8 Ali Senior Pics-9 Ali Senior Pics-3 Ali Senior Pics-4 Ali Senior Pics-5 Ali Senior Pics-2 Ali Senior Pics