Modern Map Art | Night Sky

When Modern Map Art asked us about collaborating with them to showcase their star maps, I couldn’t be more excited! We loved taking photos of something so unique!

I ordered one with my parents anniversary date & the coordinates of the location where they got married! I can’t wait to gift this to them!

These make the perfect gift for friends and family. These also make great anniversary or birthday presents! The perfect way to preserve meaningful dates!

 You can gift them to them in their original packaging and let them pick a frame that matches their home decor, or you can get it framed! I plan to get this one framed before I gift it to them. I know they are going to love having this in their home – so unique and meaningful!

And it was so easy to order! I just picked the color, size, the font, date and coordinates and then they give you a proof, and the order was complete! So easy! Check them below:

Follow them in Instagram at @modernmapart



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