Margo & Christian | Maumelle Engagements

Margo and Christian are adorable right?! She has the cutest little smile ever! They both did awesome during this shoot and rocked every pose! Love that he incorporated his military uniform into the shoot & the American Flag.

We can’t wait to capture their big day this coming year!

Enjoy these two, this session was a treat to shoot!


MC-40 MC-39 MC-38 MC-37 MC-36 MC-35 MC-34 MC-33 MC-32 MC-31 MC-30 MC-29 MC-28 MC-27 MC-26 MC-25 MC-24 MC-23 MC-22 MC-21 MC-20 MC-19 MC-18 MC-17 MC-16 MC-15 MC-14 MC-13 MC-12 MC-11 MC-10 MC-9 MC-8 MC-7 MC-6 MC-5 MC-4 MC-3 MC-2MC


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