Matt Brown | NLR Senior Session Part II


Matt is one of the few senior boys selected to hold the keys to the famous NLR high school truck this year. Jaison and I remember this truck well from when we were in school. I remember posing by it as a senior myself during certain event days at school. It is one thing that makes NLR unique, when I attended North Pulaski I remember thinking how cool NLR was – one reason was because they had this tuck, ha! We were excited to do a second part to Matt’s senior shoot by the truck and it couldn’t have been more perfect of a setting. We also snapped a few of him in his King of the Hill attire (which he won!) Although Matt didn’t want to seem cocky (he is such a nice guy!!) I insisted on him doing some with his hat and sash.

Love the way these turned out!


Mattpt2 Mattpt2-3 Mattpt2-4 Mattpt2-5 Mattpt2-6 Mattpt2-7 Mattpt2-8 Mattpt2-9 Mattpt2-10 Mattpt2-11 Mattpt2-12 Mattpt2-13 Mattpt2-14 Mattpt2-15 Mattpt2-16 Mattpt2-17 Mattpt2-18 Mattpt2-19 Mattpt2-20 Mattpt2-21 Mattpt2-22 Mattpt2-23 Mattpt2-24 Mattpt2-25 Mattpt2-26

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