Ashliegh + Cody | Hot Springs Wedding



Ashliegh and Cody probably have one of the sweetest most heartfelt love stories I have ever heard. I feel confident they wouldn’t mind me sharing with you. Shortly after they started dating, both of Cody’s parents passed away in a car accident. Ashliegh never got the chance to meet them. But God knew exactly what Cody would need to get him through the most difficult time in his life – Ashliegh. The wedding was emotional to say the least. I cried when Cody placed the bouquet of flowers on the front pew in the chapel in representation of his parents. Actually I more than cried, along with everyone in the chapel. Which I cry at most things, but this was seriously the most emotional moment I have ever witnessed at a wedding. I am so happy we got to capture this amazing couple’s story from proposal, to bridals and engagements and now wedding day. And I am so excited to be telling their story through these photographs. I know Cody’s parents were smiling down the entire day on these two. It was supposed to rain all day but miraculously a few hours before the ceremony, the sun was shining beautifully. Or should I say the Goffs were shining down on their son and new daughter, because I am confident that is exactly where that sunshine came from. We hope you enjoy looking through this eventful emotional wedding day, these are some of our favorites! Thankful for these new friends of ours!

p.s. – the seashells at the end of the blog post were in Cody’s dad’s pocket when he was found after the wreck, they were returning from the beach. I know those shells will be cherished forever. We were honored to snap a few photos of them!

Lots of love,

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