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Brighton Gilbert | Oklahoma High School Senior

When Brighton booked her senior session we were SO flattered – this girl and her sweet mom drove 6 hours from Oklahoma to have us take them! We couldn’t believe that she wanted to use us so badly, but we couldn’t be more thankful! A huge thank you to both D1 in Little Rock and the Sherwood Sports Complex for letting us use their facilities. We couldn’t have done this shoot without both of them being so kind to us! We hope your senior year is amazing, Brighton! Thank you for making our whole year by driving so far for this session! We hope you love them as much as we do!

<3 Callie and Jaison

North Little Rock Football 2014

I am a bit late in posting these photos and for that I apologize. I have to start by saying thank you to the NLR Times for letting me cover all of the NLR Football games!! These past two seasons have been an awesome experience, not only in becoming a better sports photographer but meeting so many wonderful people! It has been an honor to get to work so closely with a program I was once a part of. Coach Bolding and all the other assistants are doing amazing things with this program!! Lastly, thank you to all the players, fans, coaches, parents, and cheerleaders who make this job so memorable! Looking forward to next season!
I have picked out some of my favorites from the season! If anyone would like buy prints you may do so via our online gallery.



NLRFootball2014 NLRFootball2014-2 NLRFootball2014-3 NLRFootball2014-4 NLRFootball2014-5 NLRFootball2014-6 NLRFootball2014-7 NLRFootball2014-8 NLRFootball2014-9 NLRFootball2014-10 NLRFootball2014-11 NLRFootball2014-12 NLRFootball2014-13 NLRFootball2014-14 NLRFootball2014-15 NLRFootball2014-16 NLRFootball2014-17 NLRFootball2014-18 NLRFootball2014-19 NLRFootball2014-20 NLRFootball2014-21 NLRFootball2014-22 NLRFootball2014-23 NLRFootball2014-24 NLRFootball2014-25 NLRFootball2014-26 NLRFootball2014-27 NLRFootball2014-28 NLRFootball2014-29 NLRFootball2014-30 NLRFootball2014-31 NLRFootball2014-32 NLRFootball2014-33 NLRFootball2014-34 NLRFootball2014-35 NLRFootball2014-36 NLRFootball2014-37 NLRFootball2014-38 NLRFootball2014-39 NLRFootball2014-40 NLRFootball2014-41 NLRFootball2014-42 NLRFootball2014-43 NLRFootball2014-44 NLRFootball2014-45 NLRFootball2014-46 NLRFootball2014-47 NLRFootball2014-48 NLRFootball2014-49 NLRFootball2014-50 NLRFootball2014-51 NLRFootball2014-52 NLRFootball2014-53 NLRFootball2014-54 NLRFootball2014-55 NLRFootball2014-56 NLRFootball2014-57 NLRFootball2014-58 NLRFootball2014-59 NLRFootball2014-60 NLRFootball2014-61 NLRFootball2014-62 NLRFootball2014-63 NLRFootball2014-64 NLRFootball2014-65 NLRFootball2014-66 NLRFootball2014-67 NLRFootball2014-68 NLRFootball2014-69 NLRFootball2014-70 NLRFootball2014-71 NLRFootball2014-72 NLRFootball2014-73 NLRFootball2014-74 NLRFootball2014-75 NLRFootball2014-76 NLRFootball2014-77 NLRFootball2014-78 NLRFootball2014-79 NLRFootball2014-80 NLRFootball2014-81 NLRFootball2014-82 NLRFootball2014-83 NLRFootball2014-84 NLRFootball2014-85 NLRFootball2014-86 NLRFootball2014-87 NLRFootball2014-88 NLRFootball2014-89 NLRFootball2014-90 NLRFootball2014-91 NLRFootball2014-92 NLRFootball2014-93 NLRFootball2014-94 NLRFootball2014-95 NLRFootball2014-96 NLRFootball2014-97 NLRFootball2014-98 NLRFootball2014-99 NLRFootball2014-100 NLRFootball2014-101 NLRFootball2014-102 NLRFootball2014-103 NLRFootball2014-104 NLRFootball2014-105 NLRFootball2014-106 NLRFootball2014-107 NLRFootball2014-108 NLRFootball2014-109 NLRFootball2014-110 NLRFootball2014-111 NLRFootball2014-112 NLRFootball2014-113 NLRFootball2014-114 NLRFootball2014-115 NLRFootball2014-116 NLRFootball2014-117 NLRFootball2014-118 NLRFootball2014-119 NLRFootball2014-120 NLRFootball2014-121 NLRFootball2014-122 NLRFootball2014-123 NLRFootball2014-124 NLRFootball2014-125 NLRFootball2014-126 NLRFootball2014-127 NLRFootball2014-128 NLRFootball2014-129 NLRFootball2014-130 NLRFootball2014-131 NLRFootball2014-132 NLRFootball2014-133 NLRFootball2014-134 NLRFootball2014-135 NLRFootball2014-136 NLRFootball2014-137 NLRFootball2014-138 NLRFootball2014-139 NLRFootball2014-140 NLRFootball2014-141

It’s Football Season!

We are in the midst of football season! This year I have the privilege of shooting all the North Little Rock Charging Wildcat football games for the North Little Rock Times! Last football season was my first time to actually shoot sports. Callie and I are mainly portrait photographers and it is nice to get to branch out and try some other areas of photography!  Callie thinks I am a little obsessed with football but, what husband is not?

On a technical note, shooting football games has taught me that stadium lighting is absolutely horrendous and our cameras are awesome at shooting at high ISOs! When shooting football games I am constantly shooting at 5000-6400 ISO! It’s crazy to think shooting at that high of an ISO we can still get a usable image.

All photos are available on our Gallery for print ordering!

Here are some photos from the first four games that I have shot!




SIW_9803 SIW_9765 SIW_9787 SIW_9752 SIW_9761 SIW_9693 SIW_9708 SIW_9649 SIW_9669 SIW_9562 SIW_9600 SIW_9494 SIW_9524 SIW_9448 SIW_9464 SIW_9488 SIW_9414 SIW_9445 SIW_9399 SIW_9405 SIW_9331 SIW_9356 SIW_9298 SIW_9320 SIW_9289 SIW_9283 SIW_9274 SIW_9266 SIW_9221 SIW_9262 SIW_8925 SIW_8938 SIW_8824 SIW_8844 SIW_8804 SIW_8738 SIW_8697 SIW_8667 SIW_8626 SIW_8598 SIW_8506 D6X_1069 D6X_0950 D6X_1000 D6X_0941 D6X_0833 D6X_0785 SIW_7954 SIW_7922 SIW_7916 SIW_7889 SIW_7837 SIW_7784 SIW_7693 SIW_7663 SIW_7533 SIW_7530 SIW_7512 SIW_7473 SIW_7494 SIW_7469 SIW_7434 SIW_7429 SIW_7380 SIW_7394 SIW_7357 SIW_7342 SIW_7348 SIW_7340 SIW_7331 SIW_7285 SIW_7265 SIW_7257 SIW_7253 SIW_3578 SIW_3532 SIW_3567 SIW_3516 SIW_3508 SIW_3505 SIW_3492 SIW_3483 SIW_3435 SIW_3447 SIW_3419 SIW_3403 SIW_3398 SIW_3372 SIW_3287 SIW_3352 SIW_3262 SIW_3254 SIW_3246 SIW_3175 SIW_3067 SIW_3106 SIW_3004 SIW_2920 SIW_0686 SIW_0661 SIW_0643 SIW_0637 SIW_0633 SIW_0559 SIW_0551 SIW_0544 SIW_0535 SIW_0510 SIW_0467 SIW_0495 SIW_0464 SIW_0459 SIW_0407 SIW_0392 SIW_0381 SIW_0367 D6X_1962 D6X_1948 D6X_1931