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Jenna + Joe | Little Rock Proposal

When Joe e-mailed us about his plans to propose we were thrilled! We LOVE proposals and anything involving sweet couples. So we got setup in downtown Little Rock and I pretended to be reading a magazine on a bench by myself with my camera hidden and Jaison was pretending to be taking photos of random things downtown. In the meantime we waited for Jenna and Joe to arrive on their specified bench that Joe picked out earlier that week. He started out with a sweet letter and then popped the question! Everything about this proposal was so sweet and perfect! Then we had some fun and took some fun pictures on top of the parking garage afterward. It was the best day!


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Samantha & Dalton


We met Samantha and Dalton for the first time the day he popped the big question! We were so lucky to be able to capture this sweet sweet couple’s moment! We loved Dalton’s signs and the snow added just the right touch for the photos! We wish these two the best of luck! Enjoy!

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Tucker + Lillian | Little Rock Engagement

Tucker popped the questions on November 29th at the Capital Hotel in Little Rock. We were hidden away waiting to jump out with our cameras at any minute. He brought her upstairs to a bench by the Christmas tree to open her birthday gift, after a romantic dinner downstairs in the hotel restaurant. It was super exciting to capture one of the most important moments of their lives! Lillian had no idea what was coming! We wish these two the best and hope the wedding is everything you both hope for! Props to Tucker on such a sweet proposal!

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Cody + Ashliegh | Conway Proposal

This was our second proposal to shoot and we couldn’t have asked for better weather, a more perfect location or a sweeter couple. We are thrilled to shoot their wedding in February! Cody had everything planned out perfectly. We all anxiously awaited for Ashleigh to a arrive at the Painted Table (formerly Michaelangelos) in Conway. Everything about the moment was magical & 30 minutes later after they had dinner with one another, Cody had another surprise for Ashleigh, some of their family and friends were there to celebrate–hidden and tucked away! He even hand made the “Marry Me” sign!! Ashleigh, girl you picked a good one! 😉

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