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Jenni + Aaron | Little Rock, AR Bridals

Jenni and Aaron will celebrate their wedding with friends and family next month in Northwest Arkansas; and I have been so in love with their session since I photographed it a few months ago. We all met at UCA and were all on Student Orientation Staff (SOS) together! & Jenni has been a bridesmaid in at least one of our other client’s weddings (maybe more)! So when they e-mailed us saying we were their choice for photography, we were so excited to now photograph their wedding and to get to know them even better!

Their session was so dreamy with the perfect sunset over the city in Little Rock. & The photo they chose for their save-the-date is my absolute favorite from the session, too. It is the photo that I chose today as their feature photo for this blog post. In my opinion this session truly couldn’t have gone any more smoothly, I love it so much! And huge bonus points for including their sweet pup, Harper!!!  Cheers you two, excited that your session our first engagement session to blog in the new year! We are almost to wedding time! See you both SOON! <3

-Callie & Jaison

Mary Kate + Colton | Little Rock, AR Engagements

Mary Kate and Colton chose Little Rock as the backdrop for their engagements – and it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for this fashionista! Mary Kate is a fashion blogger! How fun right?! And I found out that Colton is usually her photographer! So they’re very familiar with how photoshoots go! I don’t need to say this but they were NATURALS! So comfortable in front of the camera and so sweet and intentional with their interaction with one another. They took all of my ideas and just ran with them – bringing each pose to life perfectly in their own unique way! And lets just talk about that sunset – no exaggeration – it is the prettiest one I have photographed at the end of an engagement session. We can’t wait to hang out wit them more!

-Callie & Jaison

Taylor + Cara | Little Rock, AR Engagements

Cara and Taylor met with me at Starbucks in the fall and I just loved these two right off the bat. They’re my kind of people, and I knew it immediately. They are relaxed, fun, they love dogs – they have a Husky (as do we). So on the way home from their consultation I was hoping and praying they would book us for photography – and they DID! When I shot their engagements it was like I had known them forever, sometimes it is just like that I guess! And they are so cute together, I love their calm personalities and the fact that they were so genuine and so loving with one another – it was pretty precious! The only thing that could’ve made this session better – was if they brought their husky, haha! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Cold Springs next weekend, it is going to be a good one!


Shelby + Lane | Little Rock, AR Engagements

Shelby and Lane are getting married later this summer and we know based off their engagement session that their wedding will be one for the books! We started their session at the Clinton Library downtown, where their reception will be! And when they brought their Dachshund, Bronx! He was the sweetest little guy ever and cracked me up with his posing! We were blessed with a pretty amazing sunset downtown overlooking the river to wrap up the day!  – everything was so good! We can’t wait until August! <3

-Callie & Jaison


Mary + Chase | Little Rock, AR Engagements

I had the privilege of photographing engagements for Mary and Chase last week and y’all –  it was the windiest session I can ever recall doing. BUT, despite the crazy wind – I am so in love with these! There were large periods of time where we just huddled together and had to wait it out – not even kidding. They both were patient, so understanding, and we stuck it out and I am so glad we did; because I think we got some amazing shots!

I genuinely enjoyed catching up with Mary. I hadn’t seen her since we graduated from UCA and I loved getting to see her & finally meet Chase! These are moments that I am so glad that Jaison and I chose UCA as our university. No matter how long you go without seeing other UCA Alum. – it is always so easy to pick right back up where you left off.

And last but not least – can we talk about her cute outfits?! I love the green dress sh chose, it was such a good complimentary color for her skin tone and hair! AND, she is just DARLING overall and has such a beautiful smile! Basically, I just think Mary is adorable!  And I know the wind was not in her favor but that hair is still so so gorgeous! I am over the moon excited to share these and I can’t wait until their wedding later this year – I know it will be such a fun time working with these two along the way!

– Callie