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Courtney Briggler | Conway, AR Bridals

Courtney and Michael celebrated an incredibly special day yesterday – their wedding! That means today I can release these images out into the world, and I couldn’t be more excited to share! The lighting was so dreamy on this early November day; since the seasons changed so late this year – it still looked a lot like summer! I am absolutely in love with her dress – so classic and her veil was the perfect touch! Love love love everything about this session! <3


Leslie + Steven | Conway, AR Engagements

Fall sessions are probably our favorite! Especially when they involve a couple as sweet as Steven and Leslie! Leslie went to school at UCA, where we met her through SOS (student orientation staff  – which we take photos for every August and spend an entire week documenting their welcome week adventures at UCA)  and we loved her automatically! And Steven, he is such an upstanding guy, and just awesome!

Basically we are totally crushing on this couple and we aren’t even afraid to admit it! Their outfits, that emerald green shirt with her hair — perfection! We can’t wait for their wedding next April in NWA! Love you both to the moon! <3

-Callie and Jaison

Vanessa + Austin | Conway Couple

Eeeeek! Can we just first say we are obsessed with their cute dogs?! These pups are super friendly and of course adorable! We have puppy fever! (Okay, maybe just me!) Vanessa and Austin were troopers because the day that we did their shoot it was FREEZING! You can’t even tell though right?! Enjoy this sweet and simple cute shoot that we did in Conway. We loved working with these two!

Lots of love,


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Brandi + John Keith | Conway, AR Wedding

The Keiths are finally on the blog! We have been patiently waiting to finish editing this wedding and we may have even taken a break from our Disney vacation to complete these because we didn’t want to keep them waiting! We didn’t mind at all though because this couple is adorable! Brandi and John tied the knot on October 25th at the Hendrix chapel in Conway. Their reception was held at the Old Gin, also in Conway. Their “first dance” was probably our favorite of all time. It was super fun and cute! Enjoy this sweet couple’s wedding photos, these are our favorites from their big day!

Lots of love for these two!


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