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The Taylors | Little Rock Family Session

I was so excited to photograph this family! Courtney is one of my sorority sisters and she also used to work for me when I managed the salon. I have met very few people as precious as Courtney, then I met her whole family and loved them too. They were so hilarious, loving and just plain cute! Jason and Gage look like clones of one another and Courtney and her mom, Amy are without a doubt mother and daughter. I loved sharing laughs with this crew! Be sure to check out their silly Christmas card picture, it is one of my favorites of the day!

Such a fun shoot! Enjoy!


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Cody + Ashliegh | Engagements


That is all I have to say about this session is, WOW! We first photographed Ashliegh and Cody when Cody proposed in Conway and I was blown away with that session, then came this one. They were SO easy to work with and so comfortable & it shows! I also love when our clients become friends. Since this shoot we had a little double date and then Cody was our model for Jaison’s clown/Halloween shoot (it was not as pretty as these haha) but Cody did an awesome job! It always is so flattering when other photographers ask us to take their photos. Ashliegh is a photographer herself. We were blown away when she asked us to do their wedding photography! We hope you enjoy this engagement session as much as we do, Jaison and I are obsessed!

Lots of love! Ashliegh&Cody-27 Ashliegh&Cody-26 Ashliegh&Cody-25 Ashliegh&Cody-24 Ashliegh&Cody-23 Ashliegh&Cody-22 Ashliegh&Cody-21 Ashliegh&Cody-20 Ashliegh&Cody-19 Ashliegh&Cody-18 Ashliegh&Cody-17 Ashliegh&Cody-16 Ashliegh&Cody-15 Ashliegh&Cody-14 Ashliegh&Cody-13 Ashliegh&Cody-12 Ashliegh&Cody-11 Ashliegh&Cody-10 Ashliegh&Cody-9 Ashliegh&Cody-8 Ashliegh&Cody-7 Ashliegh&Cody-6 Ashliegh&Cody-5 Ashliegh&Cody Ashliegh&Cody-4 Ashliegh&Cody-3 Ashliegh + Cody

Casey, Crystal & Emma | Family Session

Crystal, Casey and Emma are AMAZING! It was so hard to choose my favorites for their blog post because they looked so happy in all of them! Crystal was my “big sis” on dance team in high school (in our North Pulaski Falcon days). I am so thankful that dance team brought us together and I am lucky to call her my friend. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years but it was like picking up right where we left off. Those are the best types of friendships! Meeting Emma was awesome too, isn’t she adorable?! I love the lighting during this session, it was right before sunset by the river.

Enjoy this lovely family session!
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