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Sara + Tanner | North Little Rock Engagements

We have been a little behind on blogging from all of the shoots and weddings we have been doing lately (which is good), so I am just now blogging this fabulous session! We has been wanting to shoot at this location we found while hiking but needed a couple who would be up for a little walk! We knew this couple was the one!It took us 25 minutes to get there and 25 minutes to get back but it was so worth it! Sara and Tanner were fabulous to work with and so easy to photograph! We can’t wait to shoot their wedding this September! For now, enjoy these shots that showcase one of our favorite places in Arkansas.


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Renee Benton | Little Rock Bridals

Today was Renee’s wedding to Justin, which means I can share her sweet bridals! This is the first time I have used oversized balloons for bridals but I love the way they pop against the greenery! They’re just fun! She looked so stunningly gorgeous! Loved photographing their wedding today and can’t wait to share their wedding photos! For now, enjoy her precious session!

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Kassi + Matt | North Little Rock Engagements

WOW! That is the first thing I have to say about this session. Kassi and Matt are to die for! We actually did this session on two different days in two parts because the first attempt we got caught in the middle of a rainstorm! What are the odds?! This was the first time this has happened to us in six years and it was kind of crazy! So the first part that you will see in the post is from part one and then the remaining two outfits are part two! We managed to snap a few amazing shots before the rain came in on day one and those shots are some of my favorites from all of their photos. The greenery is so vivid and pops right off the screen. We are so happy to be working with these two – they’re so genuine and fun! Can’t wait for Kassi’s bridals this fall and their sweet wedding next April! We love you two already!

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