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Kaden Lusinger | Birth Story

It is not everyday that your best friend gives birth – and not everyday that she asks you to photograph it. I thought photographing her wedding was something special (and it totally was) but THIS was something more. Being there with her and Kyle as she delivered Kaden; it was life changing. I went home in a fog for the rest of the day. Thinking to myself, ‘I watched a BIRTH today’ — what did you do?! It was by far the coolest thing I have ever witnessed; and that is saying a lot coming from the girl who was terrified of birth and anything involving pregnancy for the entire 26 years of my life. But on St. Patrick’s day that all changed. And since then I am saying “give me all the birth stories”! I think I could photograph a birth story everyday from here on out and not get burnt out. These photos captured the biggest moment in Abbey and Kyle’s life and it was an honor to be able to preserve these memories for them. Love you all, my favorite little family of three. Hugs!

PS- Of course, I left out a few of fully naked baby Kaden because as his protective Aunt Callie, I don’t want those floating around on the internet for strangers! 😉

Tori + Dustin Terry | Little Rock, AR Family

Tori and Dustin are some of my favorite people in the world. Dustin and I have been friends most of our lives and I loved Tori from the moment I met her! I was thrilled to capture this special moment in their lives. I thought we were just doing a mini session and they surprised me with this announcement! The fall leaves were so beautiful and were in full bloom while we captured this sweet moment. Love you two!