Drew + Kevin | Snoqualmie Falls, Washington Wedding


Very close friends of ours from Arkansas celebrated their wedding almost 1,800 miles from home on May 25, 2017. Drew and Kevin planned a vacation with a few friends and on whim decided that Snoqualmie Falls, just outside of Seattle would be the perfect spot for their wedding. They asked family and friends what they thought about them turning their vacation into a wedding trip – so many friends and family were on board and everything started to fall into place.

They invited close friends and family – and expected a small number of guests to attend – but close to 30 guests flew in from all over the country. Their ceremony took place literally on top of the falls, in a room right off the side of the lodge. It was perfect! Drew and Kevin decided to walk in together to signify the bond that they are one, we loved this so much. Kevin’s mom was in attendance and smiling from ear to ear the entire day. For Jaison and I, it was such a special day – we loved capturing these photos K&D!

The couple did a live stream of the ceremony on Facebook for those who could not attend.

& Nature showed off a bit with a rainbow behind them during their portraits (THIS WAS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!) Amazing, right?!

As you can see from all of the hugs and love – these two were surrounded by the best company. There were laughs, tears and a lot of love.

The week leading up to the wedding many of the guests flew in early and our group explored seattle with one another – going to the original Starbucks, Pike’s Place Market, the gum wall, the troll, the original house that inspired the movie Up!; and more!

Unique elements from the day that we love:

The rainbow in the portraits of course!!!!!!

Their suits were custom made in Conway, Arkansas by Bell & Sward, a local small business.

The wine they served was made by Salish lodge itself.

Words from the groom (one of them):

The Wedding – (In Drew’s Words) We’d originally planned to return to the resort where we got engaged for our wedding. Ultimately we decided we’d rather stay domestic to allow some of our friends to be there. In January, we were returning from a trip to one of our favorite places: Seattle. On the plane, I asked Kev “if we could get married anywhere in the country, where would you choose?” I had already given this some thought and knew that Snoqualmie Falls just outside of Seattle would be my choice. He thought for a moment and then said “You know, I think I’d choose Snoqualmie.” At this point, we already had a trip to Seattle with 2 of our closest friends booked for May. I asked him, “What if we just got married while we’re there in May?” Quickly he said “that could work, as long as my mom could be there.” We called Debbie (Kevin’s mom) and she said she wouldn’t miss it. We then invited about 30 of our friends, thinking with such short notice (less than 2 months) we may have 10-15 people there. Much to our surprise, 30 of our closest friends from across the country were able to join us.

Our wedding was flawless. We wanted a very simple ceremony that felt warm and chill – just like we try to be in all of our relationships. Salish Lodge & Spa is nestled at the top of Snoqualmie Falls. We booked a small outdoor venue there that overlooked the falls, and had our reception in the Lodge’s atrium. The ceremony was short, sweet, and intimate. We streamed it on Facebook live so our friends who weren’t able to join in person were able to attend at home.

After the wedding and reception, Kev and I were in our room talking about how perfect the day felt and what we most enjoyed. We were so thankful that so many of our closest friends were able to be there and just share a low-key, fun day with us. The dinner (and open bar!) at the lodge were fantastic. Our friends shared stories of our experiences with them and well-wishes for our lives together. Between this and the gorgeous photos from the lodge, we couldn’t have asked for more!


The Proposal – (In Drew’s Words) We got engaged at a small resort in the Dominican Republic in July of 2016. I’d booked a romantic dinner on the beach that was supposed to be a surprise for Kev. When we checked in at the resort, they said “we have dinner romantica for you on Saturday, yes?” I played it off to Kev as “something we hadn’t done before that’d be fun to do.” He trusted me and had no idea! I proposed on the beach with guitarists playing behind us and the ocean rushing next to us. I remember shaking the whole time, and in the video we have, as soon as he says yes you me exhale and start to breathe again. Definitely the most anxious moment (but good anxious!) of my life. Kevin says he freaked out when he realized I was proposing and heard nothing I said, and tuned back in just in time to say “this is where I say yes, right?”


Quotes from Vendors:

Desi Jean Buchanan – event planning – Salish Lodge

“Drew & Kevin are the perfect example of clients-turned-friends. From the beginning of the planning process up to the moment they walked down the aisle together, they were kind & so genuine. Their joy was infectious – to their guests, my staff, & especially to me. I am so thrilled to have played a small role in this special day!

Salish Lodge & Spa is the iconic Pacific Northwest venue. Nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountains on the top of the incredible Snoqualmie Falls, it is a gorgeous backdrop for a special celebration. Plus, the perfect anniversary spot: state-famous brunch, full spa, fireplaces in each guest room, & a staff completely focused on giving you personal & friendly service.”


Savannah Kirkdoffer Quote  Hybrid Hair Studio) – flew in from Arkansas to do both Drew and Kevin’s hair

Savannah Kirkdoffer – Hybrid Hair Studio

“Kevin and Drew both started out as clients but quickly grew to something more. They have become some of my closest friends and a couple that I personally look up to and admire. There was no way I would miss there wedding and definitely no way I would not help them look there absolute best on such an important day. I truly love my craft and being able to be apart of such a beautiful time in their life.”


Lodge/Venue info

Snoqualmie Falls is a 268-foot waterfall in the northwest United States, located east of Seattle on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, Washington

Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington state’s most popular scenic attractions. More than 1.5 million visitors come to the Falls every year. At the falls, you will find a two-acre park, gift shop, observation deck, the Salish Lodge and the famous 270 foot waterfall.


A brief history of Snoqualmie Falls

Courtesy Seattle PI – Thursday, February 6, 2003

“Several thousand years ago, when the glaciers receded, they left a fertile plain near Snoqualmie Falls. When Native Americans arrived, they found a bounty of edible bulbs, roots and berries on the prairie. Deer and mountain goats were plentiful.

Though there were no salmon above the falls, the upper Snoqualmie River became a seasonal rendezvous and meeting place as trade among native peoples increased. The Snoqualmie Tribe (a subgroup of the Coast Salish) established a camp at the base of Mount Si. They also established villages at Fall City and Tolt (Carnation).

Snoqualmie is the English pronunciation of “sah-KOH-koh” or “Sdob-dwahibbluh,” a Salish word meaning moon. As a spiritual place, it gave birth to many legends. One tells of “S’Beow” (the beaver), who climbed into the sky to bring trees and fire down to earth. The Native Americans who roamed the valley were known as people of the moon.

White settlers began to arrive in the valley by the early 1850s. Long before, the falls became a tourist destination; pioneer women would edge as close to the falls as they could while friends held on to their dresses to keep them from falling. Jeremiah Borst was the first permanent white settler in the Snoqualmie Valley and is known to some as “the father of the Snoqualmie Valley.”

Josiah Merrit (“Uncle Si”) built a cabin at the base of a local peak in 1862 (the peak became known as Uncle Si’s mountain — now Mount Si). He raised vegetables and hogs and kept an orchard. According to local historians, he was a rugged man who sometimes hauled bacon to the large settlements.

To do so necessitated hauling the load on a sled to the river, canoeing downstream, strapping the load to his back and climbing down the 268-foot falls, hiking several miles, and then canoeing the rest of the way to Everett or Seattle.

By 1877, there were several logging operations in the region. In early days, logs were floated over the falls and down the river to Everett and Puget Sound. By 1889, entrepreneurs funded and built a railroad (the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern) into the valley, opening up timber resources to the world market.

In 1889, the town of Snoqualmie was platted by Charles Baker, a civil engineer. He also constructed an underground power plant at the falls in the 1890s (those original generators are still functioning today). The power plant resulted in electricity and jobs for locals, and soon a small company town was established at the falls. In 1911, a second powerhouse was constructed.

Such large waterfalls often attract daredevils. When that first passenger train arrived in 1889, it was a big event — more than 1,000 people turned up for food, celebration and entertainment. A Mr. Blondin successfully walked a tightrope over the falls.

In 1890, Charlie Anderson was less fortunate. He parachuted into the canyon from a hot-air balloon, but when he opened the chute a strong air current pushed him toward the falls. As the crowd watched in horror, another gust pulled him in another direction and dropped him on a large boulder; he died that night.”



Venue: Salish Lodge and Spa 

Photography: Sterling Imageworks

Suits: Bell & Sward 

Ties: Tie Bar

Officiant: Amber Bartz

Coordinator: Desi Buchanan

Rings: Amazon

Shoes: Aldo & Johnston & Murphy by Bell & Sward

Cakes: Bakery Nouveau

Hair: Savannah Kirkdoffer of Hybrid Hair Studio

Catering: Salish Lodge & Spa

Invites: Kangabloo Creative

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