Mary and Zach | North Little Rock, AR Engagements

Mary and I have so many mutual friends it is crazy how many; and they are all people that I adore — so I knew with so many people that I love in common with her – that she and I would click instantly. I remember leaving our consultation and telling Jaison how much I liked her. When she e-mailed to officially book her wedding photography with us,  I was over the moon excited. I didn’t get to meet Zach until the engagement session, because he is stationed in Delaware with the Air Force (as a military child, otherwise known as a ‘military brat’ growing up; I know all about being stationed away from your home. But these two seem to make their long-distance relationship work with ease while Mary is finishing pharmacy school. Even though he was just visiting, they acted as if they had never been apart!

They told me they weren’t super comfortable in front of the camera and when I told them they looked amazing and looked so great- I was not exaggerating. They rocked their engagement session – I have been showing it off to my other clients as an example ever since we finished editing them! We can’t wait until their 2018 wedding! <3

-Callie and Jaison

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