Watson-Vandiver Family | Little Rock

Love this family! (who double as friends)! Erica and Chase have let us photograph every moment of the way from their engagements, bridals, wedding day and several family sessions since then! We love getting the text that they are ready for their family photos each year! This time we had a baby puppy join in on the fun, little Elsie, their newest addition! I am so thrilled to share this year’s session! I think Goose (the larger Great Dane) has grown about 1/3 since last year’s photos! Mrs. Lesa and Mr. Tim have also taken in Jaison and I as part of the family and we are so blessed to know them. & Lucy was as cute, as always! Thankful it was a bit warmer than the first time we took their family photos a few years back! Love you all!



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