Caeli & Scott | Los Angeles, California Engagments

This session was a special one because these two are my family. This is my uncle Scott (yes, I said uncle) and his finance, Caeli, a.k.a my auntie to be! (Haha!) I took these when I went to visit them in California last month in Claremont, near L.A. They brought their sweet pup, Arya, along for the session! I can’t wait to capture their big day in Arkansas next year! So happy for these two!


SC-2 SC-3 SC-4 SC-5 SC-6 SC-7 SC-8 SC-9 SC-10 SC-11 SC-12 SC-13 SC-14 SC-15 SC-16 SC-17 SC-18 SC-19 SC-20 SC-21 SC-22 SC-23 SC-24 SC-25 SC-26 SC-27 SC-28 SC-29 SC-30 SC-31 SC-32 SC-33 SC-34 SC-35 SC-36 SC-37 SC-38 SC-39 SC-40 SC-41 SC-42 SC-43 SC-44 SC-45 SC-46 SC-47 SC-48 SC-49 SC-50 SC-51 SC-52 SC-53 SC-54 SC

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