1038 Military Homecoming | NLR, Arkansas

We are a little behind on blogging because we have been hitting wedding season with full force but we are so excited to share this blog post. The 1038 military homecoming was one for the books. So special to be a part of, we enjoyed getting to capture these ladies and gentlemen being reunited with their families. Two of our family friends — the Faughns and the Brays were reunited, so you will see some highlights of their families below. We had the privilege of photographing Destiny and her son while her husband Buck was deployed. Then we photographed Kristen and Jake with their son as soon as Jake returned home. We loved working with both of these families that we are lucky to call friends.

Jaison and I are so thankful for their service. It was neat to be around ‘military life’ again, since I grew up as a military child and I felt pretty at home during this event. Thank you to all of the 1038 soldiers. We appreciate you.


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