Emily & Jordan Harris | Howell, AR Wedding

We really love so many things about this wedding and we are so excited to finally share it! Emily and Jordan tied the knot last month at the beginning of April. We had a BLAST at this wedding! Emily was my sorority sister and friend way before they became our clients, but she went out of her way to make sure Jaison and I were doing alright and having fun the entire night! (Which she did not have to do AT ALL, but we so dearly appreciate her kindness.) This wedding was held in Howell, Arkansas at The Barn at Cypress Meadows Plantation. It was our first time to work a wedding there but it did not disappoint! The inside of the barn was gorgeous! The photos we got to capture at sunset are my favorite part of this blog post, the lighting was beautiful and their sweet dog got in on a few pictures too! Check out Jordan’s ring too, it is so unique and made for some sweet ring shots!

We hope you enjoy!


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