Kimberly Phipps Diaz | El Paso Bridal Portraits

Some of my favorite photographs that we have ever done are hitting the blog RIGHT NOW! Back in January I decided I wanted Kim to be our next bride use in some of our advertising, who could blame me right?! She is naturally beautiful, blonde and best of all….kind. I knew we had her bridal shoot coming up in April and I wanted it to be perfect! So I had a vision for a full, lavish, overflowing bouquet and a floral crown to match. I searched on Pinterest (of course) and then sent my ideas to an amazing floral designer out of Conway – Jessica Zimmerman. We bounced ideas off of one another and she created this beautiful citrus inspired bouquet. I searched around town for some vintage suitcases and everything started to come together. And then….the forecast came. It was a huge chance of rain on the Sunday I planned for and I began to freak out. Especially since Jaison and I were leaving for the beach the next day and rescheduling would have been crazy, but I would’ve skipped the beachin a heartbeat to reschedule these! I was looking forward to them and so excited to see it all come together. With some serious prayer, the forecast began to change and the sun was shining brightly the day we did her shoot. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was perfect. A huge THANK YOU to Kim for letting me run with my idea and trusting your photographers. That is the biggest compliment you could have paid us, is to just trust us. I hope you love these images as much as I do, because girl I am obsessed! Love you and so thankful to have you as a client, a friend, and as an AST sister!

p.s. – Jessica gave me a few extra pretty pink roses to play with and I got crafty at the end, as you can see I am no floral designer but I love fresh blooms! 😉



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