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Our First Maternity Session!

This past weekend Callie and I got to shoot our first maternity session! Let me just say on this particular morning it was extremely hot and humid but the photos turned out to be incredible! It was such a pleasure getting to photograph Evelyn. We can’t wait to see baby Cooper when he arrives!!

Hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we do!


Callie & Jaison


D6X_9597 D6X_9613 D6X_9632 D6X_9655 D6X_9658 D6X_9663 D6X_9680 D6X_9688 D6X_9689 D6X_9695 D6X_9700 D6X_9706 D6X_9711 D6X_9714 D6X_9718 D6X_9729 D6X_9753 D6X_9757 D6X_9760 D6X_9765 D6X_9771 D6X_9781 D6X_9803 SIW_6478 SIW_6482 SIW_6503 SIW_6515 SIW_6531 SIW_6541 SIW_6548 SIW_6564 SIW_6570 D6X_9747

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